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DIY organic and light cold brew coffee batch


love this cold brew coffee batch of organic light roasted coffee beans

the beans are from the bulk bins at Sprouts. a dipped teaspoon of raw unfiltered honey is sweet enough and i usually opt for the unsweetened almond and coconut milk to stave off leaky gut and as probiotic food respectively.

my first large batch didn’t go well as something in the batch caused a slight headache. there was no rational i could imagine so undaunted i proceeded with a second attempt at at producing a large batch to save me the labor of every morning and evening cold brew coffee preparations. this second batch holds well for three weeks in the refrigerator and has such a smooth consistent buzz, it would be easy for me to over consume. one cup consumed early morning still interfered with my sleep so i’ve scaled to little over a half-cup to complement the morning nootropics. coffee in this form really is as good as it gets.


cold brew coffee as a nootropic?

a smooth cold brew coffee

i’m reminded a Far-Side cartoon drawing where an ape sitting alongside a beach side tells his beach-mate how “you know a banana isn’t just a banana anymore..” same with coffee.


thirty years of drinking coffee on and off, mostly off, etched in stone for me a visual of turning to squeeze a vice between my temporal lobes. the “break-in-case-of-emergency” self-induced pain turned me only a bit more productive in the morning. cold brew coffee flips the vice-pain to a smooth experience. i have no brain or stomach pains as it is low in acid and i’m a bit more productive with a decent buzz. i pour a 1/4th cup of organic light roast coffee beans into a burr grinder and let sit with water in a repurposed tall jar with a tight lid. occasionally during the day i toss the jar to and fro to encourage the cold seeping of the grinds. in the mornings i pour the 22 hour cold brew with grinds into an organic hemp bag over a tin pot and wrench tight.

if you’re into the flavor of coffee then a hot coffee brew on ice may be your best option. i’ll try that another day.

later DIYs:

avoid coffee mold

my vegan friend Dakota warned me of U.S. coffee mycotoxins mold as the U.S. does not have regulations on the mold. i’m on a quest to find a way to measure and reduce coffee bean mycotoxin. one shortcut is to purchase mycotoxin OTA – free coffee beans. no affiliation here.

a probiotic cold brew coffee DIY?

i’m inspired to create a probiotic kombucha-like cold brew coffee. this will likely involve at least seven days of fermentation.

a slow pressure build on the cold brew?

one morning left me without a cold brew coffee and a quick search for “fast cold brew coffee” had listed a technique to nitrogen pressure a cold brew coffee ready in two hours. this has me wondering if a regular 22 hour cold brew can be self-pressured with some slowly expanding gas such as fermentation. a glass jar may be out of the question. maybe a metallic pressure sealed container will do. this may be a later DIY.

bulk cold brew coffee?

got three huge glass jars likely good for a large batch of cold brew coffee. the cold brew coffee will hold well in the refrigerator. i’ll experiment later if the batch will stay well on a tile floor where the temperature is cooler.




enlightening nootropics

an enlightening nootropics combo

after a year experimenting combinations of nootropic foods and supplements to compliment or enhance Modafinil, i chanced upon an enlightening combination of nootropics below. immediately upon waking, i take each in order twenty minutes sublingual on an empty stomach.

  • 150mg Modafinil sublingual. the approximate measuring i do by snapping one 200mg Modafinil pill in half and one half into another half to have 100mg + 50mg. remaining Modafinil pieces are left in an empty supplement bottle for use the next morning. Modafinil requires a prescription in the U.S. and can be purchased at CostCo or AfinilExpress (“MODALERT, MODAFINIL 200 MG BY SUN PHARMA” is touted as the smoothest Modafinil delivery).
  • Alpha Brain sublingual. after explaining to a lady handling the supplement department that Guarani is not simply a form of caffeine, she directed me to the Alpha Brain supplement. after asking her why the bottle was empty, she explained supplement was so popular customers were stashing them to steal the$79 per 90 count pill bottle so a prospective buyer had to request a bottle from the back room. i took the cue.
  • 400mg Guarana sublingual
  • a 1/4 cup of Yerba Matte tea seeped a few times over

i’ve discovered a 22 hour fast improved the nootropic effects. my nootropic cereal breakfast at 10am and turmeric brain sauce lunch at 12 noon works best for me. there is surprisingly no hunger.

the kill joy of Modafinil with coffee, green tea, or black tea?

people on forums typically suggest coffee or caffeinated tea tips to enhance Modafinil. any form of coffee was a hit and miss and typically left my brain sub optimally  wired. same with green tea. black tea worked best out of the three but still carried killed the joy in my day less out of the three. my mind became a focus monster as the joy of interacting in conversations (although my ability to listen improved) and getting a solid sleep both diminished.

next nootropic experiments

beginning next week, i’m experimenting with a morning aerobic exercise regimen,  sleep improvement technologies, returning to lentil sprouts as a bioactive source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.


a new MWF nootropic fast days week

weight: 155.5 lbs

a new MWF nootropic fast days week

an extra point 7 is added to yesterday’s Modofinil points regarding irritability as a subjective measure of Modafinil.

my weight loss appears to be helped by the nootropic fast days.

i slept quite well last night. the 100mcg appears to work without disrupting sleep.  today being Tuesday, i’m on my evolved 30 day Sprout and Turmeric diet which by all measure is great for a clear mind. upon first experimenting with Modafinil i was greedy to take it consecutively. my mood is still a bit irritated, so today, i truly am happy to take a break as the consecutive day dosages are self-defeating.

release of five Google Play Android POCs

release of five Google Play Android POCs

the Proof-of-Concept apps have improved and are on Google Play. open Google Play and search for “brainyideas”. download all the apps that begin with “POC_…”. you can try them to see what they are like. later after all the POCs have been created, integrating the POCs may begin within two weeks. by my development standards, this is amazingly fast.

the POCs also give a team something to play with to see progress and give feedback as part of documentation or testing for them to write thoughts down. if something really blows or if a feature is missing, a member of the team can write about it. it’s healthy to hear  about features that work or look well so they don’t get muck with more.

the POC improvement is to be able to see what the POCs do. normally, i have built them for myself without needing to show anyone and i could see what the POC was doing by stepping through the Android code in Android Studio. but because the POC apps are designed for anyone to see it makes them lots more useful to interact with like a hiring manager who is examining previous work or to post on the website. also, the POCs are an awesome library of working code where any of the POCs can be mutated for other uses. the POCs will be used to build another app to reduce development time.

so you know, a POC app is and app that does one little feature. for example, take a picture or send and email. any app can be thought of having lots of little features. it’s always a good idea to tackle the riskiest features first.

today’s POCs will be Login and Register then a Chat screen

all the POCs ought to look “plain Jane”, simple screens. all the artwork images and icon ought to be applied after only after integration to a target app to give fancy screens.

after my Android app is complete a mirror Swift app will be started and the same process starts. writing this app development journey helps me to keep my thoughts focused and create a better product.

water fill: 15 gallons