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fixes for a fear of public speaking

Guarana to help alleviate a fear of public speaking?

Guaranasuppose you can take this anecdotally, it works for me and that’s the only evidence i have. i’m now trying to figure a schedule to consume Guarana 400mg to go along with my daily nootropics. by shear dumb luck after my San Diego AirBnb fellow roommate Greig handed me a few OTC supplements of Guarana, i discovered Guarana 400mg in particular helps to me to overcome a fear of public speaking. however, as a developer happy to be introvert, Guarana 400mg helped to deliver progress on daily morning team scrum meetings. Guarana at 200mg was barely below threshold. i’m on a vigil for some neuroscience news to back this up 🙂 but for now i’m running with it.




Inderal (as Propranolol)

wow! things have changed the past decade when the only suggestions were typified by the response of a friend co-worker professor “take a shot of vodka” – i did just this on one contract site and it almost cost me the job from a performance hit especially as daily scrum meeting are early morning. a Google search for “medication fear public speaking” popped-out Inderal as a top forum favorite.

from Medication for public speaking phobia?,

Propranolol (beta blocker) works great, has very little potential for abuse, is safe, and is inexpensive in the generic form. I use it a couple of times per year when I have to give a presentation. Works like a charm for me. Atenolol is another option and is very similar to Propranolol. I would stay away from benzodiazepines (such as Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, and Librium). posted by alex1965 at 8:41 AM on June 18, 2016 [2 favorites]

a summary of nootropics and sustainable practices

inspired by a creative nootropic

i was excited this past week to experience a creative and energizing effect of Acetyl L-Carnotine / Alpha Lipoic Acid on Modafinil, it dawned on me to produce a summary of sustainable practices and nootropics as a living post to be elaborated later with references and rationals maybe a book as well.

the nootropic practices i’ve discovered for myself passed a tipping point a half year ago and i was hungry to discovery new nootropics (and foolish rides along with hungry). for example, this summary represents a refinement of creating cold brew coffee after weeks of experimentation. although five or so batches got drained straight into the sink, a few survived well.. a wow test. the cold brew coffee batches started with small two cups of produced quantity and has evolved to a large glass jar in the refrigerator holding a high quality smooth organic light brew that holds well for three weeks – coffee has never ever been this good plus i’ll later be exploring how to avoid molded coffee beans affecting over 50% of all coffees in the United States.

traveling the past nine months caused me to adopt new practices and drop others for example papaya is found readily in a city near the Mexican border but is expensive and less available otherwise let alone the rarity of finding an organic papaya. the practices below are on the farm only.

daily practices

cold brew coffee

days: any

a half cup from large refrigerated jar stash

half coconut and half almond milk

one tablespoon of raw unfiltered honey

two dark chocolates (Sprouts sells 85% cocoa Columbian bars)

reduce stomach acidity

days: nootropic

three cups of spring water

organic carrot

organic celery

reduce stomach acidity even more with a probiotic pill and master cleanse

days: all

one pill of Dr David Perlmutter taken immediately before this drink

one lemon complete with pulp

tablespoon of apple cider vinegar raw and unfiltered

a half-flat teaspoon of cayenne pepper

fill with water or a kale green drink


days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or if needed Monday through Friday

each supplement is taken sublingual

Modafinil 150mg taken at three times 50mg each dissolved sublingual serially immediately upon waking

Alpha Brain

Acetyl L-Carnotine / Alpha Lipoic Acid

Omega 3 and 6 (preferably pharmacy grade)



days: on nootropic rest days

1/2 cup oats

1/4 cup of half and half of flax and chia seeds ground

two dark chocolates (Sprouts sells 85% cocoa Columbian bars)

half coconut and half almond milk

one tablespoon raw unfiltered honey

one organic banana or apple

optional: papaya, boiled and refrigerated yam


days: all

bike quickly to swim at pool


days: all

steps to be applied on entire body

1 pint room temperature water in pump spray

2 pints water boiled an poured into pump spray

spray warm water

apply a water-only wash cloth

optional: apply Dr. Brenner’s Lavender & Hemp soap on a wash cloth (to reduce death of healthy gut bacteria)

spray warm water

dry with 1/4th sized cotton towel

spray aloe vera with extra on head and armpits

shave head with Mach 3 razor

clean and dry edge of razor with folded tissue for razor to keep up to three months

apply skin with a small hand dip of coconut oil applied first to head and armpits as an natural antibacterial.


days: all

grown and culled lentil sprouts

with vegan turmeric sauce

kelp 200mg

organic avocado

veggie saute or soup

days: any, optional

fried veggies of

1 jalapeño

1/2 white or red onion

1 garlic cove

2 bell peppers

1 batch of small porteballo mushrooms

1 batch of spinach

for soup include 1/2 cabbage


days: all, 1/2 hour before bedtime

brush teeth with baking soda

tooth brush is 1000x per second Philips

without rinsing,

follow with a hard tooth brush of top of teeth

one heaping tablespoon of coconut oil pulling

night cap popcorn

days: all, one hour before bedtime

air popped popcorn for the tryptophan

two large tablespoons of virgin olive oil

a tablespoon of Emeril’s Original Essence

night cap supplements

days: all, 1/2 hour before bedtime

Melatonin 5mg

a half pill of Theanine Serene

Magnesium Glycinate 400mg

a swig of Qunol Liquid CoQ10

sleep with ear plugs

Foods to avoid

simple sugars

gluten foods

oats are gluten free but i consume only a half cup as oats carry a risk of inflammation

ok grains are amaranth, buckwheat, rice brown or wild, millet, quinoa, sorghum, teff

white rice

excessive alcohol


food from plastic containers when possible

canned foods

long-term sustainable practices


use of four 100W solar panels to trickle charge two Deep Cycle Gel and two floating acid 12V batteries.

use of a 1000W inverter to power all AC devices

keep all phantom connections disconnected

use only LED lighting

in particular, my favorite is colorful holiday LED lights strung up through out year in living space


consume only 1.5 gallons of water per day total to include use for

shower at 2 pints per day

dish washing

floor mopping


tea and coffee

Plans To:

start of practice to collect rain water or extract water using semiconductor condenser into a cistern


Plans To:

build a composite toilet to fertilize non-editable plants and trees

weekly practices

cold brew coffee 

12 oz of organic and light roast coffee beans

apply into burr grinder

fill into one gallon glass jar

fill to near top with spring water

leave 24 hours at room temperature

drain with organic hemp cloth bag into pot

wrench hemp cloth for remaining coffee

rinse glass jar

pour filtered back into glass jar

leave in refrigerator

the brew keeps for two to three weeks

“Spark”, the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain


the neuroscience of exercise,

thank you Dr. Ratey for illuminating the neuroscience of exercise in your book “Spark” and helping me decide to add exercise as my fourth nootropic tool after 1) being vegan, 2) bioavailable turmeric, and 3) Medofinil.

given my stay in San Diego, i promised myself to run on a beach thirty minutes every other day. originally after the first day i could barely walk from the soreness and decided to run every other day on non-Modafinil days. i awake at 5:30am and drive over the busy bridge to Coronado beach to start a 6am break of dawn 40 minute run. the run is barefoot on following the crescent ebb of receding water so the sand is soft on the ball of my feet. the pace is moderate the first two-thirds of the run and ups to a sprint on the remaining one-third to increase HGH (human growth hormone).

a sleep benefit,

exercise has greatly improved my sleep quality the past week. i naturally twitch during sleep rolling to and fro. the running has diminished the sleep wake times and restlessness between wakes.

later, adding an aerobic exercise,

i’m looking to add a group fast music aerobic exercise dance for Modafinil days. something nearby where i can at lease run or bike to class early morning. the social group activity is important as the hippocampus has an increase in new neuron cell growth over going solo.

later, a heart-rate monitor,

i’m needing a heart rate monitor for biofeedback especially for the the highly beneficial sprint for the increase of HGH. a recent review of smart watch biofeedback had heart rates varying at 30% accuracy. having been immersed in surface-electromyography to monitor frequency signatures in muscle cell fatigue as well as building a few op amp high common mode voltage difference amplifiers with a 12-bit Analog to Digital chip. this can be followed with a bluetooth chip which i’ve yet to explore. why build and not buy? well, i want the EKG signals to see the real-time heart signatures on my Android phone as well. the data graphs can be especially useful to compare jogging verses sprinting heart signatures.


a nootropic fast (Fri)day

summary of three nootropic fast days per week

today marks a third and last nootropic fast day of the week (of MWF). it’s a winner and coupled with the evolved 30-day Sprout and Turmeric diet the other four days the brain boost potential is a marvel. this Saturday, Sam’s is holding a free medical exam for cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose level. i plan to be there. then on Monday begin a new 30-day Nootropic Fast that incorporates my evolved 30-day Sprout and Turmeric diet experiment. have no clue where to check my health stats on the “el-cheapo medical plan” after the next 30-day Nootropic Fast diet but guess i’ll keep a lookout.

a forty minute sublingual 100mcg Modafinil

this morning i spent forty minutes with 100mcg Modafinil dissolving sublingual and face-down on my bed in the wee hours. that was way too long but the noticeable absorption was minimal. i’m inclined to stay with 20 minutes sublingual. folks on forum say it tastes awful. i actually like the taste. the effect is even stronger having doubled the last 20-minute face-down sublingual take of 100mcg Modafinil.

despite Modafinil serum studies indicating eight hour half-life’s, i know sense the drive to create given to me by Modafinil is far more than the eight hours. all of Tuesday and Thursday, after a nootropic fast days of Monday an Wednesday, the unnatural cursing and irritability continued with concomitant productivity so i know it’s still doing it’s magic.

one negative and poof, there goes the suspension of belief! being on the farm is precious gift and I’m using time to create an app. from the safety standpoint, i’ve concluded it’s all in my head as i have no bodily sensations. some folks report skin rash for example.

purposed fast productivity

having this level of productivity is the new me. devoid of any stimulants like caffeine or nootropics, my nature is very much like a orangutang. in this natural state, life goes on and i could care less the ongoings of the world masticating (yes, that is a word) tea herbs, the contents of a torn apart tea bag. my fav for that is the Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat. even after two steeps, this herb keeps blasting flavors.

given that my to be released apps are under wraps, i don’t always post development apps on Google Play and reference the post them on this blog. they are being produced fast and coupled with a clear vision of desired features for my target app, there is less meandering. the o’ example is a calculator computing fast an erroneous answer.

a remote mobile development vegan company

i wish i had a project manager to give an alternate perspective. preferably vegan as i wish to start a vegan mobile development company through Brainyideas where vegan employees work remotely and optionally have potlucks once a month with local employees to reduce carbon footprint.

a 25 BMI still “overweight” arrival

weight: 155 lbs

a 25 BMI still “overweight” arrival

today my BMI has an official still “overweight” 25 BMI arrival at 155 lbs at 5’6″ from a nearly “obese” 29 BMI departure five months ago. chucks, still have five pounds to go to reach a healthy “normal” 24.2 BMI. three days of nootropic fasting days per week (MWF) virtually guarantees i lose a half pound a day. this is great cause i’m really not trying hard to lose weight, it just falls off and the brain boost is amazing.

Modafinil taken sublingual works!

this morning wanting to get the most of a 100mcg Modafinil half-pill, immediately upon awakening, i tucked the half-pill under my tongue and rested more than twenty minutes face slanted downward with mouth closed careful not to drool. with eyes closed, i could feel the lift with the same sensation of a plane on takeoff. it was a marvel. taken this way the 100mcg Modafinil feels stronger than simply popping a full 200mcg Modafinil pill and letting the GI track handle absorption. so the math works out to 78 200mcg Modafinil pills (= 52 weeks x 3 Modafinil pills per week x 0.5 pill taken) per year on my three day per week nootropic fasting schedule.

a nootropic fast weenie and Modafinil points

a nootropic fast weenie

three days of hunger pangs on the nootropic fast proved too disruptive last week and i missed my neat super healthy and tasty cereal of apple, banana, berries, oatmeal, soy with 32mg DHA, a spoon of raw unfiltered honey, and the quinoa, chia, and flax seeds. so i’ve returned the cereal and it fit perfectly to fend off hunger pangs the first part of day.

is eating raw unfiltered honey vegan?

regardless of any academic debate discourse, my stance is simple. honey bees are disappearing, beekeepers help preserve the population, and the L-carnosine found in traces of bee pollen found in raw unfiltered honey helps prevent glycation (glueing of protein and glucose molecules) that advances disease and aging. in my world view, consuming raw unfiltered honey is a win-win scenario.

Modafinil points

after numerous good-to-know mistakes on the use of Modafinil, the past two weeks. these are a few points i’ve figured (for me only). some day after this week, i may be restarting a new 30-day Nootropic Fast that rides upon the evolved diet from experimenting with my previous 30-day Sprout and Turmeric. i’m still a Modafinil noobie and find valuable information concentrated here, Quora on Modafinil.

1 – an optimum Modafinil dosage and yearly pill count and cost

200mcg on any schedule it too much for me and 100mcg disrupts my sleep on a tiny bit. i’m staying with 100mcg that is a considerable savings per year as each pill is $1.56 and halved is $0.78. for 52 weeks in a year, that’s 78 pills (= 52 weeks x 3 half-pills / week x 0.5 pill dosage) at a cost of $122 (= $1.56 per pill x 78 pills) yearly. for a productivity geek that’s $0.33 per day (= $122 year / 365 days) to stay super productive.

2 – taking alternate days

on the third consecutive day of taking 100mcg Modafinil while on a nootropic fast all the three days, my brain was overly wired. i’m taking breaks between days! this was the recommendation of a few folks on forums i found before i started experimenting on Modafinil.

3 – taking Modafinil immediately upon waking

i can’t even imagine doing otherwise unless of course i had a big project to finish or a final that same day knowing my brain may be a train wreck from lack of quality sleep the following day.

4 – allowing for two hours to lapse before breakfast

the exception i make is green tea of two bags but the tea steeps for an hour and it takes me another hour to drink my first green tea cup so the two-hour lapse before consuming a breakfast is not disruptive. the lapse is important to allow Modafinil to be absorbed well.

5 – taking Modafinil sublingual

taking any herb or pill sublingual is a fairly basic practice. i have no clue if Modafinil allowed absorbed below the tongue increases absorption but hey it can’t hurt. i do it with my melatonin nightcap pill. see,

Modafinil works much better when taken sublingually


How To Take Nootropics Sublingually

6 – a vascular dilator to increase Modafinil absorption?

i want to experiment with a vascular dilator herb or food. three Korean ginseng root glass bottle blended and stored in the refrigerator might be perfect. short of finding that ginseng, i may experiment with cacao (chocolate powder).

7 – how to tell Modafinil still has an effect on me

irritability. i’m normally easy going but on Modafinil one side of the blade is dramatically increased productivity as regards to my ability to code Android apps at least, the other side of that blade is increased irritability when things don’t snap into place immediately or a process is inefficiently designed or architected. while coding i’m cursing up a storm but hey a day’s work completed in two hours, i’ll settle for the cursing anytime. so the irritability is how i can tell the focus of Modafinil remains with me despite any charts indicating a serum half-life.

POC_Chat_v2 release on Google Play

an Android chat app is client, server, and services code intensive and would normally have taken me at least three months to complete. i was lucky to navigate to optimum solutions within the past ten days and it certainly helped to be discovering and navigating the nootropic fast during that time.

water fill: 5 gallons

a nootropic fast

weight: 156 lbs

an evolved nootropic fast

yesterday i used the phrase “a minimized controlled brain fast”. i’m going to use instead “nootropic fast”. i preface that with “evolved” in my context only since every step to this point has been taken upon a heap of mis-takes. the assumption is the day’s fast is controlled when stating nootropic. besides, i’d rather say “evolved” to leave open the door for further experimenting allow for mistakes that happen in due course. embracing failure is integral to success on this TED Talk, “The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they’re the ones who try the most,” Grant says. or more simply, the food ingested has a fixed schedule, quantity, and type of food. it’s succinct, descriptive, and hit the day’s diet on the nail, given all the elements modafinil, green tea, sprouts, and the Vegan Turmeric Sauce are nootropics. it can be argued that eating sprouts is not a nootropic. having lived a 30-day diet on sprouts along and the zen-mind state it brings on, i would have to vote yes, sprouts are a nootropic. living on the farm alone with just my dog makes the experiment feasible. there is no family or friend influence. someone goading me to go out and eat or worse drink for example. though i fancy a red wine, i’m leaving that to consume after any market successes simply as a reward.

i lost 0.75 pounds since yesterday as well. five consecutive days on a nootropics fast is likely to give me four pounds weight loss. Saturday and Sunday i can resume the evolved 30-day Sprout and Turmeric diet, which by it self is already extraordinary when comparing foods i ate last year.

a well sleep with 100mcg

the typical forum recommendation is to take 200mcg Modafinil in early morning alternate days of the week. as i stated yesterday, that was likely for someone on a SAD diet. the 100mcg taken at the break of dawn worked well. i’m going to experiment having a nootropic fast consecutive days Monday through Friday. until i can setup a Zeos like EEG monitoring device to remain objective, my sleep last night appeared fine. the night before was spotty due to the full cup of concentrated French Press coffee two mornings ago. as expected, my conceptual proficiency the entire yesterday waned. still got good programming work done though just plodding through a desired POC chat configuration with lots of moving parts.

Pinky and the Brain, connecting efficiency in thought and a nootropic fast

i personally know few vegans let alone any one on the planet who is conducting similar diet experiments. my assumption is someone on a nootropic fast similar to the one i’ve evolved is likely to have an efficiency in thought. all the programmer folks i know are likely to shrug without a second thought. i remember as an 11 year old kid at the dinner table going on about beautiful mathematical trigonometric and geometry constructs and then hearing “pass the beans please” … has happened ever since, ad nauseam.

though a nootropic fast is a far cry for every demographic diet breakdown in the U.S. One Green Planet reports “According to a Harris Interactive study commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, approximately five percent of the U.S. is vegetarian (close to 16 million people) and about half of these vegetarians are vegan.” in 2014 the U.S. had a 2.5% vegan population. that’s encouraging! say the percent of vegans wanting to fast is 1%. that means the greatest likelihood of anyone trying this evolved nootropic fast is in the order of 0.025% of the population. the U.S. 2016 population is 323,730,000. say also the likelihood of a vegan who is going to fast and try this evolved nootropic fast is 10% (note that’s a generous percent). so the number of souls who have the potential to brave this evolved nootropic fast is 8093 actualized people (= 323,730,000 U.S. population x 0.025 vegans x 0.01 vegans desiring to fast x 0.10 fasting vegans trying the evolved nootropic fast).

yes, i’m saying actualized. when’s the last time someone expressed to me they are actualized? i mean that aside from day-to-day mishaps. for example, your friend says that and one minute later stubs his toe. is he still actualized?

from my college days being party to kids forming organizations i know that a core of two or three visionary and driven people suffices to create a thriving organization where all the other kids are following directions. that’s a potential of at least 2697 stellar U.S. organizations in the likes of Google, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, etc.. and what’s the risk? aside from a careful approach to Modafinil, i can only think of an initial two days of a hunger pang and after that it’s coasting. say the “happy day” scenario of fasting vegans adopting the evolved nootropic fast is instead 1%. that’s still a potential of 269 stellar U.S. organizations or 809 folks in the likes of Steve Jobs (who was vegan as well). hey why not! a correlation?

happenings of a nootropic vegan diet == power.

the audacity of dreaming!


Android phone to phone chat is now working, yaa! it was an amazingly code intensive long path getting to this point. almost every turn was a high investment in time and effort. this first iteration is not to be released on Google Play. will release an app later with a streamlining screen flow UX.