a green boom

on a quest to find a vegan soulmate on MeetMindful, i posted a story to a prospective a week ago after she asked if i was “green”. guess i scared her away (MeetMindful has a “Hide” option) after i mentioned the possibly of creating beautiful babies… why is timing so important, geez! ah just kidding guess any first date of reasonable mind would escape through a cafe bathroom window. in any case thought to share the story below although slightly edited.

“… green? so one day i went running on a favorite desert mountain trail and on way back saw an entire car door laying by MY public trail. picked it up with both hands running downhill like a madman sweating in an early summer morning, whereupon the museum down below had a huge iron trash can and just as i was arriving to slam the car door into the trash can, i glance mid-air to see a small entourage of kindergarteners holding hands to start a desert plant tour was leaving the museum merrily quiet. that moment of ‘oh sh*t’ as the car door creates a massive slamming boom is etched into my brain. at the flight of the moment and with the shear momentum of the run i couldn’t bare to look back. green, definitely green.”


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