DIY organic and light cold brew coffee batch


love this cold brew coffee batch of organic light roasted coffee beans

the beans are from the bulk bins at Sprouts. a dipped teaspoon of raw unfiltered honey is sweet enough and i usually opt for the unsweetened almond and coconut milk to stave off leaky gut and as probiotic food respectively.

my first large batch didn’t go well as something in the batch caused a slight headache. there was no rational i could imagine so undaunted i proceeded with a second attempt at at producing a large batch to save me the labor of every morning and evening cold brew coffee preparations. this second batch holds well for three weeks in the refrigerator and has such a smooth consistent buzz, it would be easy for me to over consume. one cup consumed early morning still interfered with my sleep so i’ve scaled to little over a half-cup to complement the morning nootropics. coffee in this form really is as good as it gets.


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