cold brew coffee as a nootropic?

a smooth cold brew coffee

i’m reminded a Far-Side cartoon drawing where an ape sitting alongside a beach side tells his beach-mate how “you know a banana isn’t just a banana anymore..” same with coffee.


thirty years of drinking coffee on and off, mostly off, etched in stone for me a visual of turning to squeeze a vice between my temporal lobes. the “break-in-case-of-emergency” self-induced pain turned me only a bit more productive in the morning. cold brew coffee flips the vice-pain to a smooth experience. i have no brain or stomach pains as it is low in acid and i’m a bit more productive with a decent buzz. i pour a 1/4th cup of organic light roast coffee beans into a burr grinder and let sit with water in a repurposed tall jar with a tight lid. occasionally during the day i toss the jar to and fro to encourage the cold seeping of the grinds. in the mornings i pour the 22 hour cold brew with grinds into an organic hemp bag over a tin pot and wrench tight.

if you’re into the flavor of coffee then a hot coffee brew on ice may be your best option. i’ll try that another day.

later DIYs:

avoid coffee mold

my vegan friend Dakota warned me of U.S. coffee mycotoxins mold as the U.S. does not have regulations on the mold. i’m on a quest to find a way to measure and reduce coffee bean mycotoxin. one shortcut is to purchase mycotoxin OTA – free coffee beans. no affiliation here.

a probiotic cold brew coffee DIY?

i’m inspired to create a probiotic kombucha-like cold brew coffee. this will likely involve at least seven days of fermentation.

a slow pressure build on the cold brew?

one morning left me without a cold brew coffee and a quick search for “fast cold brew coffee” had listed a technique to nitrogen pressure a cold brew coffee ready in two hours. this has me wondering if a regular 22 hour cold brew can be self-pressured with some slowly expanding gas such as fermentation. a glass jar may be out of the question. maybe a metallic pressure sealed container will do. this may be a later DIY.

bulk cold brew coffee?

got three huge glass jars likely good for a large batch of cold brew coffee. the cold brew coffee will hold well in the refrigerator. i’ll experiment later if the batch will stay well on a tile floor where the temperature is cooler.





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