a nootropic fast weenie and Modafinil points

a nootropic fast weenie

three days of hunger pangs on the nootropic fast proved too disruptive last week and i missed my neat super healthy and tasty cereal of apple, banana, berries, oatmeal, soy with 32mg DHA, a spoon of raw unfiltered honey, and the quinoa, chia, and flax seeds. so i’ve returned the cereal and it fit perfectly to fend off hunger pangs the first part of day.

is eating raw unfiltered honey vegan?

regardless of any academic debate discourse, my stance is simple. honey bees are disappearing, beekeepers help preserve the population, and the L-carnosine found in traces of bee pollen found in raw unfiltered honey helps prevent glycation (glueing of protein and glucose molecules) that advances disease and aging. in my world view, consuming raw unfiltered honey is a win-win scenario.

Modafinil points

after numerous good-to-know mistakes on the use of Modafinil, the past two weeks. these are a few points i’ve figured (for me only). some day after this week, i may be restarting a new 30-day Nootropic Fast that rides upon the evolved diet from experimenting with my previous 30-day Sprout and Turmeric. i’m still a Modafinil noobie and find valuable information concentrated here, Quora on Modafinil.

1 – an optimum Modafinil dosage and yearly pill count and cost

200mcg on any schedule it too much for me and 100mcg disrupts my sleep on a tiny bit. i’m staying with 100mcg that is a considerable savings per year as each pill is $1.56 and halved is $0.78. for 52 weeks in a year, that’s 78 pills (= 52 weeks x 3 half-pills / week x 0.5 pill dosage) at a cost of $122 (= $1.56 per pill x 78 pills) yearly. for a productivity geek that’s $0.33 per day (= $122 year / 365 days) to stay super productive.

2 – taking alternate days

on the third consecutive day of taking 100mcg Modafinil while on a nootropic fast all the three days, my brain was overly wired. i’m taking breaks between days! this was the recommendation of a few folks on forums i found before i started experimenting on Modafinil.

3 – taking Modafinil immediately upon waking

i can’t even imagine doing otherwise unless of course i had a big project to finish or a final that same day knowing my brain may be a train wreck from lack of quality sleep the following day.

4 – allowing for two hours to lapse before breakfast

the exception i make is green tea of two bags but the tea steeps for an hour and it takes me another hour to drink my first green tea cup so the two-hour lapse before consuming a breakfast is not disruptive. the lapse is important to allow Modafinil to be absorbed well.

5 – taking Modafinil sublingual

taking any herb or pill sublingual is a fairly basic practice. i have no clue if Modafinil allowed absorbed below the tongue increases absorption but hey it can’t hurt. i do it with my melatonin nightcap pill. see,

Modafinil works much better when taken sublingually


How To Take Nootropics Sublingually

6 – a vascular dilator to increase Modafinil absorption?

i want to experiment with a vascular dilator herb or food. three Korean ginseng root glass bottle blended and stored in the refrigerator might be perfect. short of finding that ginseng, i may experiment with cacao (chocolate powder).

7 – how to tell Modafinil still has an effect on me

irritability. i’m normally easy going but on Modafinil one side of the blade is dramatically increased productivity as regards to my ability to code Android apps at least, the other side of that blade is increased irritability when things don’t snap into place immediately or a process is inefficiently designed or architected. while coding i’m cursing up a storm but hey a day’s work completed in two hours, i’ll settle for the cursing anytime. so the irritability is how i can tell the focus of Modafinil remains with me despite any charts indicating a serum half-life.

POC_Chat_v2 release on Google Play

an Android chat app is client, server, and services code intensive and would normally have taken me at least three months to complete. i was lucky to navigate to optimum solutions within the past ten days and it certainly helped to be discovering and navigating the nootropic fast during that time.

water fill: 5 gallons

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