a nootropic fast

weight: 156 lbs

an evolved nootropic fast

yesterday i used the phrase “a minimized controlled brain fast”. i’m going to use instead “nootropic fast”. i preface that with “evolved” in my context only since every step to this point has been taken upon a heap of mis-takes. the assumption is the day’s fast is controlled when stating nootropic. besides, i’d rather say “evolved” to leave open the door for further experimenting allow for mistakes that happen in due course. embracing failure is integral to success on this TED Talk, “The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they’re the ones who try the most,” Grant says. or more simply, the food ingested has a fixed schedule, quantity, and type of food. it’s succinct, descriptive, and hit the day’s diet on the nail, given all the elements modafinil, green tea, sprouts, and the Vegan Turmeric Sauce are nootropics. it can be argued that eating sprouts is not a nootropic. having lived a 30-day diet on sprouts along and the zen-mind state it brings on, i would have to vote yes, sprouts are a nootropic. living on the farm alone with just my dog makes the experiment feasible. there is no family or friend influence. someone goading me to go out and eat or worse drink for example. though i fancy a red wine, i’m leaving that to consume after any market successes simply as a reward.

i lost 0.75 pounds since yesterday as well. five consecutive days on a nootropics fast is likely to give me four pounds weight loss. Saturday and Sunday i can resume the evolved 30-day Sprout and Turmeric diet, which by it self is already extraordinary when comparing foods i ate last year.

a well sleep with 100mcg

the typical forum recommendation is to take 200mcg Modafinil in early morning alternate days of the week. as i stated yesterday, that was likely for someone on a SAD diet. the 100mcg taken at the break of dawn worked well. i’m going to experiment having a nootropic fast consecutive days Monday through Friday. until i can setup a Zeos like EEG monitoring device to remain objective, my sleep last night appeared fine. the night before was spotty due to the full cup of concentrated French Press coffee two mornings ago. as expected, my conceptual proficiency the entire yesterday waned. still got good programming work done though just plodding through a desired POC chat configuration with lots of moving parts.

Pinky and the Brain, connecting efficiency in thought and a nootropic fast

i personally know few vegans let alone any one on the planet who is conducting similar diet experiments. my assumption is someone on a nootropic fast similar to the one i’ve evolved is likely to have an efficiency in thought. all the programmer folks i know are likely to shrug without a second thought. i remember as an 11 year old kid at the dinner table going on about beautiful mathematical trigonometric and geometry constructs and then hearing “pass the beans please” … has happened ever since, ad nauseam.

though a nootropic fast is a far cry for every demographic diet breakdown in the U.S. One Green Planet reports “According to a Harris Interactive study commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, approximately five percent of the U.S. is vegetarian (close to 16 million people) and about half of these vegetarians are vegan.” in 2014 the U.S. had a 2.5% vegan population. that’s encouraging! say the percent of vegans wanting to fast is 1%. that means the greatest likelihood of anyone trying this evolved nootropic fast is in the order of 0.025% of the population. the U.S. 2016 population is 323,730,000. say also the likelihood of a vegan who is going to fast and try this evolved nootropic fast is 10% (note that’s a generous percent). so the number of souls who have the potential to brave this evolved nootropic fast is 8093 actualized people (= 323,730,000 U.S. population x 0.025 vegans x 0.01 vegans desiring to fast x 0.10 fasting vegans trying the evolved nootropic fast).

yes, i’m saying actualized. when’s the last time someone expressed to me they are actualized? i mean that aside from day-to-day mishaps. for example, your friend says that and one minute later stubs his toe. is he still actualized?

from my college days being party to kids forming organizations i know that a core of two or three visionary and driven people suffices to create a thriving organization where all the other kids are following directions. that’s a potential of at least 2697 stellar U.S. organizations in the likes of Google, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, etc.. and what’s the risk? aside from a careful approach to Modafinil, i can only think of an initial two days of a hunger pang and after that it’s coasting. say the “happy day” scenario of fasting vegans adopting the evolved nootropic fast is instead 1%. that’s still a potential of 269 stellar U.S. organizations or 809 folks in the likes of Steve Jobs (who was vegan as well). hey why not! a correlation?

happenings of a nootropic vegan diet == power.

the audacity of dreaming!


Android phone to phone chat is now working, yaa! it was an amazingly code intensive long path getting to this point. almost every turn was a high investment in time and effort. this first iteration is not to be released on Google Play. will release an app later with a streamlining screen flow UX.

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