a minimized controlled fast

a minimized controlled brain fast

today am on a new minimized controlled fast of 100mcg Modafinil at break of dawn and one meal of sprouts, and Vegan Turmeric Sauce at 2pm. the only change from Monday is the reduction of 200mcg to 100mcg. i rationalized it’s simply because the recommended 200mcg is for folks on a SAD diet. no greasy burger and fries here. the 200mcg on Monday nights sleep kept me waking between REM sleep cycles. from pharmacological serum studies, the Modafinil half-life is eight hours. given the controlled fast the effect will be heighten. additional foods will only weight down my thoughts same as a heavy lunch has on office workers. think i will add the ripe avocados to the sprout and Vegan Turmeric Sauce. want to do same controlled fast three days straight to find if the Modafinil effect is less diminished. at 200mcg Modafinil, it felt as if 10% effect less cognitive benefit each consecutive day. i’m guessing less saturation will have a less diminishing effect. i’d be happy if the diminished effect feels like 5%. obviously, this is a subjective feel and not an objective measure.

add of listening books

yes, we’ve all heard the studies of efficiency loss in multi-tasking. but aside from hearing guitar (on iPad and a real acoustic guitar) music i’ve created in the mornings, i’d like to begin listening to my Audible library books. one last one was Anita Moorjani’s “Dying to be me”. then “Smarter, Faster, Better” by Charles Duhigg. i really want to start and finish Dr. David Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain” and “Brain Maker”. this may be a fun mental exercise.

technique is important though. i will be using my bluetooth LG HBS730 headset where at any moment the book can be paused. without a readily available pause and restart, listening to a book throughout a day can be detrimental. given all the coding breaks i take it ought to be quite a complement. listening to new streams of thought helps me to be more creative as my thoughts escape being stuck in a trough.

start of exercise

days on farm are expected to stay warm and sunny the next ten days. i feel the need to begin an exercise regimen. not so much to help loose weight as to increase blood flow. a rebounder is sitting beside me. want to find some metric to capture degree of blood flow increase. the only exercise i’ve had has been normal chores and sitting on the KneeAir Chair. it’s funny how even after a year being on my 42 acre farm, there are spots i’m still discovering. carving out a perimeter running trail ought to be interesting. figured a run might take twenty five minutes.

a coding day

almost any entire week was spent in discovery of chat technology. second to being stuck, discovery can consume lots of time for a programmer. good timing too as i’m coding an Android POC chat app. even a basic implementation of a chat app is intensive. hence the high risk.

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