a zen-like focus

weight: 156.75 lbs

one meal of a sprouts and the Vegan Turmeric Sauce late lunch

at the break of dawn yesterday, i took a 200mcg Modafinil. then at 2pm had a bowl of the days lentil sprouts with the Vegan Turmeric Sauce. that’s it. nothing more was consumed aside from sunflower seeds traveling to a local library. the entire day my mind had a beautiful zen-like focus. though i feel the recommended maximum 200mcg Modafinil is for folks who have a typical SAD diet and since mine is minimalist, i’m going to reduce the Modafinil to 100mcg and likely i may be able to take 100mcg Modafinil on consecutive days. i sense this since the Modafinil at 200mcg predictably interfered a bit with my sleep.

it’s a neat experiment i’ll begin tomorrow. this morning, i drank a cup of French Press coffee and need a break from the 200mcg Modafinil yesterday morning.

oh and i appear to have lost  pound. generally, there are two weights the food in transit and the rest of the body weight whether fat of muscle. likely the pound lost was food in transit. no matter, i’m happy to go down a pound.


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