a diet day to optimize efficient coding

the power of Modafinil, sprouts, and turmeric

am back on Modafinil today thank goodness! it’s critical to take alternate day breaks from Modafinil else it will progressively lower it’s effect. as an experiment and because i was greedy to be super productive i took the standard 200mcg Modafinil immediately upon waking four consecutive days. physiologically, on the four day, the brain boost felt 60% of the original first day. my focus this weekend was lousy likely because i rewarded myself with super delicious vegan foods in a vegan potluck gathering in Colorado Springs. on departing, i found myself telling Kevin last, a vegan fellow i barely met as he was leaving Colorado, “it’s mind blowing the power of sprouts, turmeric, and Modafinil”. think i will do that today Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. no more consecutive days. the days i take Modafinil, i’ll only consume two green teas seeped twice, a lentil sprout harvest, and the Vegan Turmeric Sauce. in evening followed by a Throat-Coat tea which i love to taste. this truly is “eating my own dog food”. in addition to all three being brain boosters, that minimalist food consumption is also like a mini fast. or as i prefer to think of it, a controlled fast. Modafinil helps to lower food craving so likely i’ll be able to defer sprouts and the Vegan Turmeric Sauce till later afternoon. am thinking 2pm to allow sufficient time for food to digest. 5pm could be a burden since my GI will be trying to digest food while starting sleeping. this is a double win since any evening food craving may be stubbed. my acid test is whether i will be able to code better those days. also, almost three hours of time is saved in the day from preparing breakfast cereal and a dinner salad. efficiency in coding. some things of course are a discovery path. discovery is hit and miss. like the chat tool based on Jabber/XMPP i’m building now. tools for that are all over the place. but after two days Saturday and Sunday, only one download example appears to be viable. that was not a coding effort, it was simply discovery. still have yet to make the example work but at the very least it can be a basis. to not waste brain power on discovery, i may shift attention to another POC that can use a solid attention on coding. discovery can be done on non-Modafinil days. that may be optimum path.

a Login and Register Proof-of-Concept (POC) app

the POC_LoginAndRegister was completed last week and was last posted as version 1.3 on Google Play. i’ve always wanted to create this POC and in the past spent days coding parts of it but never to completion in a comprehensive nutshell. it seems the diet is doing it’s magic. the POC can be found by searching for “brainyideas” on Google Play. it took nearly four days of tending to. prior to having started the 30-day Sprout and Turmeric diet even as i was eating relatively healthy vegetarian foods (i reverted to remaining vegan a half year ago) the quality of that work would easily have been two or three months vacillating on designs and code structures. what’s really neat about this POC is that it can be used by any other Android app needing a registration and login. forming the Login and Register was fairly straight forward. coded in native Android as a client and PHP script with MySQL as the server. the user flow requires the user to validate email in order to be able to login. the Forgot Login was a bit more involved as that required an email to change any of the registered attributes for first name, username, email, and password (with two fields to avoid being locked out). i’ve never seen the full options available on other sites but at the very least it gives an opportunity to change the public username. this is handy when the user has opts to change an initial choice. people change email all the time also. first name well that’s simply private for communication between a company running the software and the user. so the name may have started as Missy but changed to Misty for example. the password is also protected and saved as a user field in the database with SHA256 in 64 hex characters. even a developer having access to the database entries cannot tell what the password is.

water fill: 5 gallons


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