release of five Google Play Android POCs

release of five Google Play Android POCs

the Proof-of-Concept apps have improved and are on Google Play. open Google Play and search for “brainyideas”. download all the apps that begin with “POC_…”. you can try them to see what they are like. later after all the POCs have been created, integrating the POCs may begin within two weeks. by my development standards, this is amazingly fast.

the POCs also give a team something to play with to see progress and give feedback as part of documentation or testing for them to write thoughts down. if something really blows or if a feature is missing, a member of the team can write about it. it’s healthy to hear  about features that work or look well so they don’t get muck with more.

the POC improvement is to be able to see what the POCs do. normally, i have built them for myself without needing to show anyone and i could see what the POC was doing by stepping through the Android code in Android Studio. but because the POC apps are designed for anyone to see it makes them lots more useful to interact with like a hiring manager who is examining previous work or to post on the website. also, the POCs are an awesome library of working code where any of the POCs can be mutated for other uses. the POCs will be used to build another app to reduce development time.

so you know, a POC app is and app that does one little feature. for example, take a picture or send and email. any app can be thought of having lots of little features. it’s always a good idea to tackle the riskiest features first.

today’s POCs will be Login and Register then a Chat screen

all the POCs ought to look “plain Jane”, simple screens. all the artwork images and icon ought to be applied after only after integration to a target app to give fancy screens.

after my Android app is complete a mirror Swift app will be started and the same process starts. writing this app development journey helps me to keep my thoughts focused and create a better product.

water fill: 15 gallons



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