POCs and POC mutations

break from Modafinil today

woke up with a numbness on my left back of head. since i was going to take a break from Modafinil thought to not take 200mcg pill today. will take early on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. starting next Monday will on keep Modafinil schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. think the numb pain is due to a neck twist and not Modafinil. taken consecutively, folks on forums say it can give headaches. i’m not prone to headaches. it’s all good. got an amazing amount of work done the past three days thanks to Modafinil. ought to be ready to publish at least four Proof-of-Concept (POC) apps to the Google Play Store today. usually, i reserve Friday or Saturday to evening wine. have opted to reward myself only on the release of user (non-POC) apps. love red wine and have found Malbec has a significant amount of Resveratrol but more than two glasses and i’m typically stupefied the next morning.

POCs and mutations as a development foundation

there is a highly efficient development approach i rarely find in development shops, mobile or not. after 43 years programming, i realized most of my time was spent being stuck on creating viable code structures. for a particular feature, say how to send an email with file attachment in Android, if i was familiar with an approach, i’d still have to recreate a working snippet of code. typically these days code that is captured scouring the internet. i’m a bit sour-punched this morning having wasted an entire day two days ago, scouring the internet for a working example to upload an image from Android to a PHP server script. Android API Levels by definition do deprecate and add new code structures but that’s beside the point. wouldn’t it be cool if developers in a team focused on creating working POCs and saved them in a repository? not only are the POCs working but mutations can be created from them and stored alongside the original POCs. say an app has 37 desired features and a POC repository has 15 relevant features already working, that’s easily days of work saved. the current Modus Operandi is a developer having to scour all the companies apps for any shred of likeness to desire features thats assuming cooperation from the folks holding the code. an added difficulty is the enmeshed code logic that needs to be excised. that on top of the code being dispersed since code is typically implemented in various parts. rinse repeat ad nauseam for every developer in the team.

published apps on Google Play

a typical recruiter and hiring manager first question is, how many apps have you published in Google Play? i had a few ditty’s but removed them and the only viable app, JournalTask, i’ve abandoned. for me the answer is zero, oopsies. yes, but i’ve published apps for major corporations in their Google Play account, i say. well given my new approach to keep momentum going with my documentary guys and to aid in creating an new app, i’ve opted to publish my POCs. previously, my POCs were personal white-box implementations where i am able to step through the code and see the inner workings any anyone working with me had to wait weeks to see any code working. this is no longer the case as folks in my team have a need to get feedback app functionality at least once a week preferably more often. for example, last night i implemented the posting an Android image to server and it works great but how to tell? i added a WebView with the page to the server image directory serving as repository, a refresh button, and a clear button to remove the images. the cognitive circle is complete in the mind of the user without having to create a code setup (Android Studio), see the code, or know anything about coding. simple. this is what i’m doing at today for my beautiful app creations.


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