smarter faster today and a green tea wienie

SOC (Stream of consciousness writing)

a Modafinil focus

took 200mcg of Modafinil today at 5:30am. that’s one entire pill. the past two days i took only 100mcg. i will need to break after today. sounds fine since i will be traveling on Wednesday. the Modafinil has given to me an amazing ability to focus. my eyes are straight on what i’m doing. the 200mcg feels more that twice the “amount of focus” than 100mcg. the pharmacology effect is not linear. i feel i can achieve projects in short time. apps in particular. the effects of Modafinil sit atop my zen-like clear mindset. think i may be actualizing. i’ve always wanted to do that. its a fun ride like the “Powder” movie kid that evaporates into energy. never imagined it would happen to me in my lifetime.

dreams today

a few weeks ago i asked my brother. what would you do if you awoke this morning with an IQ of 200? his answer was go to the university and finish, find a better way to make money, get out of debt. i then told him i figured out that question for myself. within one hour i would discover that i’d like to get even smarter. that is not greed just i think a progression of the human mind to explore and discover. then i asked him what would you if you awoke this morning with an IQ of 160? he paused and said well.. the same i guess. so then i asked what about awakening with an IQ of 130? another pause ya well.. the same. so what if you woke up today with the same IQ? would your plans and actions change? a long pause, no i think they’d say the same. so why aren’t you doing that now i asked (only in the sense of discovery like a child might question)? i answered my own question as well. i’d like to get smarter faster – today.

a green tea wienie

(an excerpt i wrote to Miche this morning)

hey Miche, i love love the smell and taste of coffee and my though efficiency is spectacular the first day (after not having drank coffee previous days), the days after, if i continue taking it at the same quantities, my thoughts (and body) simply slog though the days. guess its great the first day.

from the neuroscience and pharmacology perspective i would imagine there is a slope for recommended daily caffeine consumption so that the same “wired high” can be had the second, third, and maybe more days until of course saturation takes over.

guess i’m a born-again wienie for shifting to twice per day of two bags of green tea a day and both reused once. also, it’d be great to hear your thoughts on the virtues (and banes) of Modafinil from the neuroscience perspective. i’m finding the focus is amazing if taken on schedule no more than three times per week and alternating days, say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

how to gauge intellectual prowess?

so you woke up this morning groggy or sparkly. what are ways for you to measure your intellectual well being (assuming of course it is multi-dimensional)? for example, you can greatly preform better at guitar strumming today but blow at a geometrical puzzle. a simple first clue may be noticing the toast tore while pulling it from the toaster. the options i’m considering are creating music, learning a new spoken or programming language, building new apps, reading news, catching up on algorithms or game theory, listening to TED talks. etc..

i’ll occasionally post a seven minute ditty of my morning’s play created on Garage Band -> Smart Guitar -> Minor Pentatonic. i’m sure it’s simply god-awful to anyone else but i actually do enjoy listening to my own creations these days. the measure isn’t so much is todays music bearable? the measure is how much more bearable todays music is compared to past days. is there a progression of more bearable or put simply likeness? having been tortured as a loving captive audience, any parent of teens with kids in band will empathize. i’ll be posting the songs at the bottom right.

i’ve never played an instrument before and i couldn’t play a note to save my life. Hector Jimenez in Nacho Libre said is beautifully, “i don’t know why you always have to be judging me, because i only believe in science”.



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