day 30, recap of an evolved diet

day 30 try 2, weight: 158.5 lbs

last day

today is the last day of the Sprout and Turmeric Diet Try 2 experiment. i’m happy to have lost 10 pounds of weight and gained a beautiful zen-like mindset. i’ve debated if its possible for me to eat out. i think not in the near future, at least not this year. this zen-like mindset is my precious as the ring is to Gollum in Lord of the Rings. as the author of “Living Posthumously” stated on NPR radio, this diet is exactly what i would have done had i died and received a chance to live again. granted there were numerous mistakes but that’s what experiments are about. besides i’m awesome in creating mistakes, i was born that way. algorithms to harness mistakes are central idea behind genetic algorithms. Pareto’s 80/20 law likely holds in recipe mistakes, although my innate Modus Operandi is in the order of 70% order and 30% chaotic mistakes.

Try 3

Try 3 of the Sprout and Turmeric diet will definitely include lots more variety. the discovery process is messy and chaotic. when i’m ready for order i’ll begin Try 3. believe it or not, i learned this lesson in an algebraic class while attending the University of Texas at Austin one semester. a glance at the mathematics between prime and composite numbers brought me to the abstract thought that order and chaos are entwined – one without the other is meaningless. the queen of the sciences is beyond the realm of physics or any other science and there it was staring at me, a black and white abstract concept. one personal offshoot is, i only trust folks who are a little crazy.

effect of a clear mind on app progress

i’ll post app developments on this same blog. more because i want to leave a trail of progress on how a clear mind diet can accelerate mobile app creation. like any aspiring artist wearing a heart-in-sleeve, i will only be posting apps after they are released on Google Play or the App Store.

weight loss

at the start of the Sprout and Turmeric diet, i was expecting one pound a day loss. i suppose it stands to reason that a full belly throughout the day is likely going to lead to less than a pound a day loss. the incremental diet changes allowed me to pinpoint problem spots. considering i’m likely to weigh 158.0 pounds tomorrow morning, the total weight loss in 30 days is 10 pounds to average 0.33 pounds per day. not too shabby, especially considering the many mistakes.

final diet:


  • vitamin B12 methylcobalamin taken sublingual
  • green tea and re-use twice for best extraction
  • a half cereal of 1/4 cup oats, 1/8 cup blend flax and 1/8 cup chia seeds (the flax and chia seeds ground in the Burr Grinder), one apple sliced, one banana sliced. a sliced Papaya. the fruits may vary.


  • a soup of one bell pepper, three chopped Portobello mushrooms, three broccoli pieces, a half cabbage, and enough water to cover. let cool. fill a bowl, mix a tiny spoon of kelp for 135mcg iodine, and two heaping tablespoons of the Vegan Turmeric Sauce. place the rest of soup in the refrigerator.
  • a drink of only one cup of Aloe Vera juice
  • three red grapes
  • one Kiwifruit


  • a salad of the days sprouts, one whole tomato sliced, sliced red onion, one large avocado, a squeezed lemon with all the pulp pulled out, and a swig of apple cider vinegar.


  • one Theanine Serene pill, 5mg of Melatonin, and an 80mg aspirin

changes after this diet experiment

  • regarding coffee, forget it. the coffee taken a half-cup in mornings four days consecutively destroyed my zen mode and worse on this last day 30, i’d awaken at the end of every REM sleep cycle. i’m sticking to two green tea bags per morning for my caffeine fix.
  • for morning supplements, after getting a job or being wildly successful in building apps, i’ll later resume one pill per morning of Garden of Life RAW PROBIOTICS for MEN 50 & WISER and a swig per morning of Qunol Liquid CoQ10 taken sublingually. both are pricey at $50 and $29 per bottle respectively!
  • for cereal, i’m immediately adding soy with 32mg DHA (only enough to soak the cereal) and raw unfiltered honey for the L-Carnosine and many other health benefits.
  • for lunch, i’d like to revert to a half cup of cooked brown rice and cooked (not from can) black beans upon occasion instead of the soup.
  • for the juice drink, turns out having more than a cup of aloe vera drink can be hazardous (see That Sugar Film). it’s super healthy to a degree. also the Cran-Pomegranate is just plain sugar (see That Sugar Film) so it will be consumed slowly and not repurchased
  • for salad, black olives were removed due to the excessive salt. i hope to find unsalted black olives.

a departing chaotic gift (written day 31)

from day 1 of this diet experiment, i’ve taken to record daily morning seven-minute ramblings on iPad Garage Band app -> Smart Guitar (it’s hard to play anything too awful) -> Notes | Minor Pentatonic and adding  A to Z bars for four minutes of record time. short of wiring a plethora of EEG electrodes (been there done that) to find more intelligent life in my little brain, i’m black-boxing any evidence by trying Garage Band, my acoustic guitar, programming mobile Android and Swift apps wickedly fast, etc.. telling folks i can now read lots faster is a white-box observation and difficult to prove. plus i loath wasting precious time on tests. on a minor note (pun intended), even as a Google Play subscriber, it’s really hard to find music able to help me zone mesmerized in thought to help me code efficiently. radio music is even worse. i’d likely spend an entire day flipping radio stations with a remote probability of chancing upon a three-minute ditty. figured, if you can’t join ’em, beat ’em. oh and i do “eat my own dogfood” by loop playing my creations mornings to noon.

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