day 29, tiny water use

day 29 try 2, weight:159.0 lbs

tiny water use

i’ve wanted to measure my water use the past ten years and what the hey i’ve figured to start now having saved two receipts. so my 3rd world solution goal is to survive off of one gallon of water a day. i had this goal even before working four years (2006 to 2010) amongst scientists deeply enmeshed in every issue to do with water at the Global Institute for Sustainability at Arizona State University.

to bear out my use, a simple tally of receipts occurred to me. yes, how often do i buy five-gallon jugs of water? to keep the tally simple on days I’ve bought water the amount is now listed italicized at the bottom of blog postings. just from the twenty-five gallons i’ve consumed the past ten days a first rough estimate is 2.5 gallons per day and that includes two teas, soup, and showers! still i think there is room for improvement.

Fontus has a new product out able to extract 0.8 liters per hour. you can see a practical description in Biking Concept Can Fill a Water Bottle From Thin Air Every Hour. yesterday a librarian told me that Colorado Legislature House Bill 16-1005 was in place to be approved August 2016 to allow homeowners to collect 110 gallons of rain water run off. that’s two 55 gallon barrels of water. sure the rain didn’t hit my roof which is not designed to collect rain but isn’t it the same? and do i really want to spend gobs of money retrofitting a roof in a high wind area not speak of how to handle bird droppings? water condensed from thin air can supply my daily 2.5 gallons of water needs. also, a stipulation of the bill is that “the collected water would have to be used for outdoor irrigation on the homeowner’s property”. sure but there is no explicit term stating i’m prohibited from using the water first. especially my deodorant is natural plainly sprayed also vera. soap i have to make something like oatmeal and toothpaste maybe going back historically to ashes of corn tortillas (my father told me stories of yore before the toothpaste we know of today was invented) dunno yet only it cannot have salt. salt ruins the potential for plant growth.

the term “breath-atarian” was mostly heard in jest the past few decades. i guess it’ll be legal here in Colorado soon and i want to be on the edge of this technology. oh and the savings per month is $18.75 (= 3 ten day periods in a month x  25 gallons x $0.25/gallon from the local KOA) or $225 per year. yea for the off the grid little people!


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