day 28, an iodine re-readjustment

day 28 try 2, weight: 159.0 lbs

revert to continue Kelp

i had already dismissed iodine and minerals benefits from kelp but after a chat with Georgie, who originally commented with a kelp precaution, i re-reexamined (is that a word?) the amount of kelp. turns out there was a super tiny spoon inside of the powder supplement container. two scoops of that supposed to supply 270mcg of iodine. this NIH recommended iodine chart suggested 150mcg daily. too much or too little can lead to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. so the addition of one tiny flat spoon scoop in my cabbage and Vegan Turmeric Sauce was great and had only a tiny salt taste.


cabbage soup plus two Portobello Mushrooms & a whole Bell Pepper

a quick shop at Sam’s in Pueblo CO led me to a rampage of savings compared to the local grocery store (there’s only one in town, how quaint). so i opted to also boil in the soup Portobello Mushrooms & a whole Bell Peppers. the yum factor went one notch up and the likelihood of either increasing my weight is relatively nil (the morning weighings will bear that out).

water fill: 15 gallons



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