day 27, tiny exercising all day

day 27 try 2, weight 159.0 yaa!

the KneeAir Chair

ya call it a shameless plugin but i really like my new creation plus i “eat my own dog food” (industry term for employees using a product they manufacture) and sit on it every day. Albert, my old high school friend, called last week chiding me how i ought to exercise every day. i take “walk about” on 42 farm acres, pulling weeds by hand, and nudging the roots out with a special boot weed twist. still he said that’s not cardio. ok point taken. though i’d forgotten to tell Albert i exercise every entire day on my little bouncing chair and without feeling like i’m falling off on the ball by itself.


think most of the exercise is mid-torso, great for slowly building abs i suppose. being snowed in on the farm today (the slush and inclined exit gravel road are too slippery even for my 4 wheel drive truck), it’s a nice thought to be working / sitting on my KneeAir Chair twelve hours programming an Android app while exercising slowly. i also make it a point to point to get up and tend to a chore at least every half hour.

in any case, the point of the Sprout and Turmeric diet was to prove to myself i can lose weight consistently by sheer diet alone. so any inadvertent exercise was intended simply to get my blood flowing and normal every day stretching by doing chores. my next 30-day diet experiment will likely involve explicit exercise likely unabashed dance bouncing to mantras on my rebounder and having two-pound wrist weights to get arm exercise. turns out the rebounder is the favorite exercise equipment in any gym thought none of the gyms i’ve attended have had one.

the bouncing alone has amazing health benefits for cleansing our lymph nodes, back pain, and being able to stay focused.


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