day 26, eat cheats

day 26 try 2, weight: 159.5

weight target

yeah! past the 160-pound weight mark. am liking the lighter weight. although on a somber note at 5’6″ height, i’m still on the obese side of the BMI scale. the weight loss rate has been less than optimal but i’m happy with the current weight loss. only five full days remaining for the 30-day mark. likely my weight will be 155.75 pounds (= 159.5 – 0.75 x 5 = 159.5 – 3.75). close enough.

eat cheats and returning to a half cereal

ok so full disclosure. actually, i didn’t even think of theses as eat cheats just as “minor adjustments”. afternoon on is fair game to dip a tablespoon of a peanut butter jar having no sugar and a tiny amount of salt. slightly heaping at most. the peanut butter typically kills any swelling hunger pangs. yesterday though was troubling since i cut the morning cereal it became a double whammy payback 1) hunger pangs arose two days in a row. i know this is due to the removal of my cereal recipe. even two peanut butter tablespoons did not suffice. so i consumed another entire avocado with a heaping tablespoon of the Vegan Turmeric Sauce, yum – that killed the hunger pangs the entire rest of day. 2) hitting the loo immediately upon waking has never been a problem the days i’ve eaten cereal. the cereal which is already minimized but in a partial reversal i’m returning it back but as an entire half amount of the recipe. the other half left in the fridge. i’d much prefer to avoid having to fridge the other half of the cereal but the time, effort, and consumed propane can be a waste if not. it’s a simple compromise.

also regarding hitting the loo yesterday, i picked up a trick to munch on 10 frozen coffee beans slowly. knowing my GI had to get working fast in the morning to do a naked weight measure. this morning, i simply made two cups of French Press coffee with 1/4 cups of coffee beans ground in the burr grinder and drank only a half cup as i didn’t want to get super wired. surprisingly, i didn’t notice missing the sweet taste of soy milk or the soy milk with honey cream i enjoyed so much before this diet try.

another cheat yesterday was an emergency lettuce in the fridge. likely due to colder weather my lentil sprouts weren’t fully grown. i substituted my emergency lettuce in the fridge for my salad – just a few leaves.

while driving i like to snack on cracked pepper sunflower seeds. all the vendors i’ve seen for this flavor have no MSG or dairy products. the salt is the greatest evil but it is relatively minimal.


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