day 23, oops on the kelp weight gain

day 23 try 2, weight:160.75

sodium in Kelp and weight gain

i was supposed to have lost 2 x 0.75 or 1.5 pounds of weight by now. turns out the powdered kelp i added likely added weight to counter the expected 0.75 loss of weight per day. the temporary weight gain happens 2 to 3 days after ingestion. fortunately, since every other food item and quantity is constant i can only site the addition of a teaspoon of kelp per day for the past two days to have caused me to add 1.25 pounds (= 1.5 pounds expected weight loss – 0.25 actually reduced) – WOW, COW-PUNG! like a karate chop. fortunately, that weight gain is not fat only retained water. see Will Too Much Sodium Make You Gain Weight?

so out goes the kelp. along with a weight gain of increased sodium comes the health risks. i can get the iodine another way or another time after hitting a target weight of 150 pounds. i suppose the weight loss will be more dramatic after not including the kelp in the cabbage and Vegan Turmeric Sauce soup.

radioactive kelp?!!! wow Georgie, reminded me of the cesium likely in kelp these days. thanks for saving my hair Georgie (well whats left of it)!

temporary removal of healthy but bulky cereal

to accelerate weight loss on the last week of this 30-day sprout and turmeric diet, i thought to remove cereal altogether. i really only included the cereal to maintain fibre, protein, and Omega 3 and 6 DHA. it’s really an awesome breakfast meal and i will return to it with the addition of soy with 32mg DHA after reaching the target 150 pounds. i still have fruits to finish but will only consume the same amount of fruit that was included in the cereal. one banana remaining as well and some five apples. i think this temporary exclusion will allow me to reach the expected 155 pounds at the end of this 30-day diet.


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