day 21, predictable 0.75 lbs per day loss

day 21 try 2, weight 161.0

predictable 0.75 lbs per day loss

it seems fairly clear that the removal of rice and beans helped me to be able to loose 0.75 lbs a day. before the removal, my weight loss may have averaged 0.3 pounds per day. this weight loss has been without notable exercise. maybe walking about the farm a bit and pulling weeds for 20 minutes but that’s it. so it dawned on me to actually make that my explicit 30 minute morning exercise. i suspect the weight loss may accelerate to 1.0 pound a day. given there are only 9 days left of this experiment that may leave a weight of 152 (161 – 9) pounds on the last day of the 30-day Sprout and Turmeric diet. the diet is fairly steady now with the exception of one addition…

Kelp, 100% Pure Powder

so i wanted to add a teaspoon of kelp to the cabbage and Vegan Turmeric Sauce soup. hypothyroidism runs in my family. my muscles have been fatigue of late and my overall energy level low the past few years. a safe dosage of kelp powder is one teaspoon given that too much iodine in the kelp can kick my metabolism into hypothyroidism. you can see some of the benefits of kelp on Kelp Benefits: A Health Booster from the Sea.

ok, the verdict is in. just poured one flat teaspoon (from a measuring utensil) into the warmed (not boiling) cabbage and Vegan Turmeric Sauce and the taste is like an exotic delicious seafood soup. so it’s a keeper. ironically the floating cabbage has a look of floating kelp.

8 thoughts on “day 21, predictable 0.75 lbs per day loss

  1. thrive859

    Good luck with your experiment. I would be a little concerned about the kelp powder though as isn’t it quite radioactive? Maybe have a look on and see what it says there. Good luck


    1. brainyideas Post author

      Wow, thanks Georgie! How could I have forgotten the Pacific ravaged by cesium?

      Like your blog but I suppose you have it by design that no Like button is present. All the better, I enjoy hearing of school classes without grade. Simply being present suffices :).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. brainyideas Post author

        sure you’re welcome! just curious, do you have an idea the population of vegans where you live at this time (think you mentioned L.A. in your blog)? i live in the middle of no where on a farm in Rye Colorado. absolutely gorgeous here with breath taking snow capped mountains and rolling hills. but sadly few vegans so most time i’m just rowing my boat gently (read quietly) down the stream :).


      2. thrive859

        I like in Wales , UK. I only know personally 2 vegans other than my boyfriend and I don’t live anywhere near the other 2. Big community online though and it’s good to connect with others like yourself. Colorado sounds lovely!


      3. brainyideas Post author

        oh my gosh Georgie, you’re a life saver! saw your video just now and noted the recommended daily microgram amount of no more than 1000mcg. my kelp supplement lists it as 270mcg per two scoops (of the included super tiny plastic spoon). i took only one today seeing as this 150mcg daily is recommended by the NIH at, .


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