day 20, removing rice and beans

day 20 try 2, weight: 161.75

effect of removing rice and beans from the diet

i’d like to believe that normally health brown rice and protein-packed black beans in small enough quantity do not contribute much weight. that appears to not be the case as my weight dropped drastically from 163.0 to 161.75 pounds in two days. assuming that translates to a half pound a day, day 30 ought to have me at 158 pounds. optimistically i think the weight loss will be 0.75 or 3/4 pounds a day so the ideally my weight ought to less than 155 pounds on the last day.

glycation and the benefits of L-carnosine in preserving organ tissue

at the start of the sprout and turmeric diet, i did include raw unfiltered honey as part of a completely delicious coffee cream with soy having 32mg DHA. i was originally dead set on using raw unfiltered honey to get the L-carnosine containing bee pollen to prevent glycation.  you can see from these two sites how disastrous some of our eating habits can cause glycation,

Sugar and Aging Skin: The Truth About Glycation

Living To 150, Aging and Longevity – 3. Glycation

in Carnosine: The amino acid that is an antioxidant that is purported to support cellular rejuvenation and healthy aging. for vegetarians, the author states, “Some protein-rich vegetarian sources  foods also supply alanine and histidine  which include avocado, beans,  bran, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, corn, legumes, mushrooms(white, raw), nuts, seeds, watercress, whole grains and sea vegetables like  spirulina and laver”.

avocado, beans, and brown rice. i will return to cooking black beans and brown rice after reaching my target weight of 150 pounds. i need to get a bag of plain uncooked black beans and figure how to cook them. meaning yes i have a pressure cooker but that consumes gobs of wattage and my little solar panels at 400 watts some days can barely supply the charge on my phone and laptop. so i’ll find a way to make use of the lowest level propane and likely not contiguously so that i may alternate turning on and off the heat. the beans simply will cook when in a hot water temperature and alternatively turning off the heat for an hour may suffice. though this may require my attention an entire day. likely best to leave the black beans soaking an entire day before cooking. mom does that. i’ll post on this later.

a more concise breakdown of alanine and histidine vegan foods can be found at Carnosine And Raw Veganism.


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