day 18, a reduced soup n salad

day 18 try 2, weight: 163 lbs

a reduced soup

the diet started with rice, bean as a necessary base food for the Vegan Turmeric Sauce. then came the addition of cabbage soup as an experiment. i liked the cabbage and Vegan Turmeric Sauce so much that i see little need for the rice and beans. given that my target daily weight loss is one pound, it’s an easy decision to remove the rice and beans. i love brown, wild, and Forbidden rice but for the goal of losing weight and focusing i’m ok to remove it from the diet. also all along the way i’ve had misgivings about eating canned black beans. i will later learn how to cook the black beans sustainably and with the least amount of energy and cost required.

a reduced salad

the taste of black olives in my salad was awesome but that came with two problems, 1) eating a canned food and 2) the salt content. use of any canned food is already an issue as describe in, 5 reasons why you should avoid Canned food; All because they are harmful. also, what to do with the extra salty juice? that juice eventually ends up poured on my farm soil. after attending a local library session on growing plants in Rye Colorado, one main message was simply don’t pour salt on your soil. it will kill any prospect of plant growth. i suppose the only option left is to find glass bottled olives without salt.

a reduce weight

yaa! the reduce soup above ought to accelerate my weight loss without any compromise in keeping my belly full. so far the current weight loss rate is about 0.3 lbs per day (= (168 lbs at the start of diet – 163 lbs this morning) / 17 days as of this morning). i expect that rate to accelerate to at least 0.5 lbs per day by the thirty-day mark using today as a reference. in my early year 2000 30-day diet experiment having only sprouts (no cereal, rice, beans, or salad items) i averaged a loss of 1.0 lbs a day. still this current sprout and turmeric diet has already given to me a zen-like mind state on the 10th day (albeit a bit slower than the 3rd day of simply having had sprouts only diet) plus a brain boost with the Vegan Turmeric Sauce. i’m testing the brain boost by building new Swift and Android apps as fast as possible.

water fill: 10 gallons

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