day 13, adding cancer fighting cabbage

day 13 try 2, weight: 164.5

cabbage soup

many benefits of cabbage can be seen on this website World’s Healthiest Foods. i’ve added cabbage as part of a soup. so i boil half of a cabbage, let it cool, place it in the refrigerator. this past week it lasted an entire week and made a perfect flavor companion to the rice, beans, and Vegan Turmeric Sauce. i guess it is a soup now. for my pan size, half of the cabbage was perfect and keep the other half in the refrigerator to cook the next week. my problem with heating rice and beans was simply the need to add water and if left too long warming on the stove, at times the bottom rice burned. i first found cabbage in a list of cancer-fighting foods at Cancer Fighting Foods/Spices. so it turned out a swell combination.


i’ve found the 2/3rds aloe vera and 1/3 Cran-Pomegranate goes well after the soup to add a little sweetness.


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