day 11, diet changes

day 11 try 2, weight: 164.5

diet changes

beyond halving of chia and flax seeds on day 2 try 2, the cereal has been too filling and almost immediately after taking two hours to finish cereal, i’m off to have lunch. so i’ve opted to half the total quantity of cereal. so a half apple and half banana will remain in the refrigerator. in addition, i’ve removed the 85% chocolate cocoa piece.

removing coffee a few days ago and keeping the two green tea bags turned out great. my focus is lots more consistent and quality of sleep has dramatically improved.

sustainable practices

even though the diet is my primary focus, i thought to describe a few sustainable living practices that have dramatically improved my health and minimized my footprint living on the farm. as a backdrop, i worked four years at the Global Institute for Sustainability at Arizona State University where upon being surrounded by scientists and students exploring sustainable practices i readily absorbed many floating ideas.

showering on two pints

if you’ve seen the movie Tiny where folks build tiny homes, live sustainably, do their dream activities, and save money by needing little, that’s pretty much my existence at this time. in particular, i’ve discovered how to shower on two pints of water. first, turn on the room heater, boil the water keeping one pint in the container to prevent scathing spray, pour the boiled water into the spray pump, spray my entire body, water the scrub and apply soap to it, then spray again while pumping the spray container as needed. it feels great! i feel everyone will be doing showers similarly twenty years from now as our water needs are becoming dire. i still have yet to find a natural soap to benefit the farm soil from the shower water.

aloe vera benefits

to begin, the 2/3rds aloe vera and 1/3rd Cran-Pomegranate drink is a healthy ingestion of the aloe vera but i also spray the same aloe vera juice onto my entire body immediately after a shower to allow my skin to continuously heal. my face gets three times the amount of spray. i let the aloe vera dry while doing other tasks and then apply Aveeno cream to “seal” the aloe vera and provide moisture protection. my face especially gets an advantage as a slowly growing 1cm brown sunspot has been shrinking. two points here discovered solely by accident. 1) while the aloe vera is wet on my face its a great time to shave as the aloe makes for a perfectly smooth experience and i spray my face once again  afterward to compensate for the lost aloe vera. 2) to my great surprise, i’d forgotten to apply the Aluminum Zirconium based (yuk!) deodorant a couple of times and never noticed an odor. turns out aloe vera has been used as part of natural deodorant like this discovered by Christina Keebler. where she includes baking soda, aloe vera gel, vegetaglycerin, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. so ultimately had i not discovered aloe vera as a natural deodorant the Aluminum which the FDA requires for a commercial product to be labeled as a deodorant would have continued to contribute to an increase threat of Alzheimers which ironically the turmeric was supposed to counter. see Antiperspirants/Deodorants and Breast Cancer pointing to the required aluminum as the culprit.


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