day 5, a Burr Grinder and French Press

day 5 try 2, weight: 165.5

a Burr Grinder and French Press

mostly i reserve use of coffee to the typical work days, Monday through Friday. it’s well known that for the brain the “kick” from caffeine stops working so the two-day break is a reset. use a burr grinder simply because less heat is transferred to the coffee beans and you can adjust the size of grind. so you can grind flax and chia seeds which i do for this diet.

store your coffee beans in the freezer. i typically use only 1/4 of a cup of coffee beans, enough for two days of coffee. the grinds are placed into the French Press and hot water is poured in one inch from the top to allow room for the metallic filter. typically you want to press the filter into the French press a few times immediately after you pour the hot water to get the bubbles that form in the grinds. i think the bubbles provide a thermal barrier to seeping. so leave the coffee grinds seeping for 20+ minutes then it’s ready to drink. most folks say 5+ minutes but i prefer longer. also, i only consume a half of the French Press and leave the other half to the next day.

i found a beautiful creamer: soy milk with 32mg DHA plus raw unfiltered honey. for this experiment since one goal is to lose weight both are off the list. it was brought to my attention that honey is not vegan. as usual, i like to take the path of science and will research if the collection of honey helps the honey bee population remain intact. the disappearance of bees is alerting.


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