day 4, grounded pepper verses Bioperine

day 4 try 2, weight: 166

comparing pepper and Bioperine

it was bugging me long. i was considering to include the commercial C3 Complex Bioperine black pepper extract of piperine in the Sprout and Turmeric diet. so a little digging revealed the amount of pepper to use per day. in this forum,

register user “noos” says, “Bioperine is only 10mg piperine per serving. Bioperine comes with a warning not to exceed 20mg/day.” so the reference here is 20mg/day of Bioperine. how much black pepper is that equivalent to and what is the cost savings in using black pepper? in this link,!topic/

Bob describes the equivalent black pepper to match 20mg of the Bioperine black pepper extract piperine as being,

Taking 20mg Bioperine per day would cost $1.50 per month.
Taking 20mg piperine as 400mg pepper per day would cost $0.13 per month.

that’s an order of magnitude savings! yes for pepper. still 2omg to how many milligrams of turmeric? that’s a TBD for now. to put 400mg in perspective it’d be approximately 1/1000th of the below container. i’ll update the volume of 400mg black pepper on an update after digging out my gram weight from storage.



additional information on piperine can be found on an article by Barbara L. Minton at,


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