day 3, starting with capers

day 3 try 2, weight: 166.5 lbs

no cereal today

i awoke on trailer early today so as to hurry to the IRS an hour and a half away in Colorado Springs. ya it’s tax time. the French Press coffee was ready the night before and i figured to only drink half the coffee in the French Press. the other half later. the coffee has a richer taste if left overnight with the original grind still in the French Press glass jar. a plastic container held the mixed rice, black  beans, and Vegan Turmeric Sauce for lunch in the Springs.

this brings about the purpose of the cereal. originally in my year 2000 30-day sprouts and water only diet experiment, i was starving three days into the diet experiment and in the case a sprout batch could not be harvested, i was pretty much toast (no pun intended). i decided to include flax and chia seeds for the DHA omega 3 and 6 plus the ancient Aztec quinoa for the protein these three seeds keep the stomach bottom fatty sensors active to signal to the brain fat has arrived. oatmeal is basically for bulk to keep produce a stomach volume as the stomach also has a volume sensor at the top. both sensor triggering signal to the brain your stomach is satiated. the chopped apple and banana beside nutritional benefits serve simply to sweeten the cereal.


capers. what are they? i barely learned last week that capers exist. as a vegan, it’s a delight to find an untried fruit, vegetable, or herb. here is a link to Foods With the Highest Content of Quercetin. capers can be found at a local groceries store. usually, the capers are packaged in a small jar and i’ve seen the cost vary from two to three dollars. i love the green olive taste and in a preparation of the Vegan Turmeric Sauce simply poured the entire jar contents into the sauce.


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