day 2, halving the cereal seed quantities

day 2 try 2, weight: 166.5

a Kickstarter update and catching up on sleep

last night found me working till 11pm on a to be release Kickstart project, KneeAir Chair and this morning waking at 5am. the rush for me was to submit the project ASAP before the start of a weekend since that is the time most folks make time to peer into Kickstarter projects. after a project story rewrite, i just crashed back into bed to catch another REM sleep cycle.

halving the cereal seeds

after waking late today at 11am, the eating a cereal was quite heavy. i’m halving the flax and chia seeds to 1/8 of a cup while keeping the quinoa at a 1/4th cup. it took me till 2pm just to slog through the entire cereal bowl. i want to celebrate my cereal not slog.


oh look at my weight compared to yesterday, i’ve lost 1.5 lbs. Dunno how that happened but the Physicians weight scale is fairly accurate. i’ll begin charting my weight as well as perhaps snoring quality. i really meant to have more measures like blood pressure or glucose levels etc.. oh it just occurred to me, i can use a waist measure for my belly. nice.

a snoring app

so today is work on an Android and Swift snoring app. its a huge problem for me as I’ve apnea my entire life and if my sleep quality falters, so does my brain and the capacity for thought. after two professional sleep studies, this is a practical app. i’ll build another app concurrently to catch my EEG – that’s what the sleep study folks did. i’ve put in enough time in brain and neuroscience laboratories to have an idea of how to capture and analyze EEG signals. both are timely apps i chose  out of my secret app bucket.


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