day 1, restart of sprout and turmeric diet

day 1 try 2, weight: 168 

a restart

today marks the first day of a second try of the sprout and turmeric diet. lessons learned from the first try are applied. i’m excited to have learn about the benefits of capers in increasing the bioavailability of turmeric and have included it as part of the Vegan Turmeric Sauce.


  • upon wake up, after hitting the loo and before any drink or food take a naked weight measure on the physician medical body weight scale (it’s the standing mechanical weight machine you see at your doctors office).
    • vitamin B12 methocobalamin taken sublingual, one pill of Garden of Life RAW PROBIOTICS for MEN 50 & WISER, a swig of Qunol Liquid CoQ10 taken sublingual.
    • blend a 1/4 cup of coffee beans on the Burr Grinder and pour into French Press. drink black without cream.
    • green tea and re-use twice for best extraction.
    • cereal of oats, blend flax and chia seeds (one-forth cup each in Burr Grinder), soy with DHA (only enough to soak the cereal), one apple sliced, one banana sliced. the two fruits may vary.
    • a half cup of cooked brown rice, one fourth of black beans, and two heaping tablespoons of the Vegan Turmeric Sauce.
    •  a salad of the days sprouts, one whole tomato sliced, a 1/4 cup of red onion, a half cup of avocado which is typically one entire small avocado, a squeezed lemon with all the pulp pulled out.
    • a drink of 2/3 Aloe Vera juice and 1/3 Cran-Pomogranate with optional ice.
    • one Theanine Serene pill, 5mg of Melatonin, and a swig of Qunol CoQ10 taken sublingual.

sanity check(s)

as part of a desire to measure an improved mind state, i’ll be building and releasing Android and iOS apps as fast as possible as if in a race. there are many apps in my secret projects bucket to build. the most fruitful apps will be released free as ongoing beta apps so anyone interested can download an try them even as they are in beta. this sanity check came about from telling family and friends how much faster i’m able to read the NY Times online for example but how to measure that? building apps will keep me busy especially as i find myself not employed at the start of this 30-day experiment. i work only remotely and that limits the number of opportunities.

i’ll return to this first blog page and add other sanity checks out of sheer interest in proving to myself it’s all possible.

a video journal

this try 2 sprout and turmeric diet was originally intended to have a daily videography but two opportunities fell through. maybe this was a good think as i need to be even more frugal then simply being “off the grid” due to my job loss last week. still it’s fun and i’ve never done a daily video journal. the video has sound of the wind passing. i’ll make improvements in production while going along. the video camera is simply my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on a wooden block held by a rubber band and fastened to a tripod. it records at 1920×1080 and a data rate of 17.2 Mbit/s. i’ll post the video after figuring how to upload to my YouTube account and then embed the link here.


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