day 10, a diet reset

day 10, weight: 170

a pizza and beer crash

it happens with the best intentions. i screwed-up this diet experiment and will restart it. i ate a cheese pizza with my brother and drank one Budweiser beer. so eh… figured a diet reset might be for the better. the Netflix documentary Forks over Knives shows how dairy products can increase cancer.

the second diet experiment set me up equipped to conduct a more rigorous diet experiment taken as a science. i’ll restart the diet experiment after finishing the extra foods in the frig. the extra foods can be added on after capturing results from a new 30 day baseline experiment.

an improved diet experiment

a diet experiment restart will have a working weight machine (just bought one yesterday), an organic and higher quality lentil batch (the last batches had lots of lentil halves and even rocks that needed to be sorted out), other legumes and a nutritional charts, see how blood types applies to this diet experiment, a NeuroSky daily rating with an Android app i create for the purpose of capturing live attention and a morning sleep ZQ, a start of diet and end of diet full health test with a blood analysis a bit like Super Size Me a Morgan Spurlock documentary. an maybe even games that test the ability to remember like the child game of animal paring. i’ll look for other types of diet measures to gauge progress. it’d be great to find a film student near Rye or Pueblo Colorado wanting to track my 30 day experiment.

a cup to limit food volume


regarding yesterday’s post on using a cup to limit the amount of extra foods, you can see in the cup an avocado, the green chili and tofu mix and in the bowl the vegan turmeric sauce over the spouts with a side of chilies taken home from Taco Cabana. it is a complete meal good for the entire day. the only other food is the papaya smoothie.


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