day 9, volume reduced foods

day 9, weight: ?

it’s amazing how little food packets can last days. my focus is now shifted to first consume parishable foods first. i bought brown rice with the intent of mixing it with the cooked perishables. the glycemic index of brown rice is fair at 55. bread is also above a 60 glycemic index. i’ll wait to consume both for the sake of keeping to a rapid weight loss within the 30 day period beginning tomorrow.

keeping to one cup of extra foods

the extra food after sprouts is also being reduced to one cup from one large bowl that could barely contain a 1/3 portion of the steamed green chili and tofu, the vegan turmeric sauce, brown rice, an avocado, and a veggie pattie.


today a cooked soy chorizo with coconut oil, although great tasting as the extra food mixed with the sprouts and vegan turmeric sauce, was too great a volume to eat in one sitting. given Dr. David Perlmutter’s suggestion in his book “Grain Brain” (another reason to drop bread altogether) on eating an avocado on mornings i’m including a small avocado as a part of the volume of extra foods to form one cup. the pure sprout and turmeric diet ought to start in less than a week with this plan.



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