day 8, effect of sugar on BDNF

day 8, weight: ?

weight machine bit the dust. am investing in another machine. besides I’m still munching on remaining food stuffs in the refrigerator. guess i could have planned the diet experiment better.

the effect of sugar on BDNF

it was by shear accident that i stumbled upon the connection between sugar and BDNF two days ago. this link describes most of the effect. sugar meaning any high glycemic food such as bread. mom was kind enough to ask if i was Ok with sugar in a pot of boiled pumpkin. the answer was a definite no thank you.

i was about to sleep and remembered the oil pulling. so to pass time i popped up Reddit which i almost never do. low and behold item eight on list was a latest sugar study on indicating an abuse like effect on the brain.

a reduced coffee intake

i’m opting to reduce my coffee intake. last night i’d slept early and didn’t take my nightly batch of melatonin, aspirin, and Theanine Serene which has GABA. the GABA negates the impact of coffee so helps a wire person to sleep. the result was a awakening with eyes that felt slightly burning and a dis-ease. i suppose the trick is to not have any coffee or meter the coffee down to half the current consumption. that means less sugar from the soy and raw honey creamer.

a later breakfast

i’m shifting the breakfast of the turmeric and sprouts dish to an hour or two after coffee. this ought to reduce later snacking.


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