day 7, sprout culling and an aloe vera body spray

day 7, weight: 164 lbs

darn munchies attacked before evening. a sister came to visit mom and handed me a $0.90 cent Soy Chorizo and that hit the spot. the after cooking it though the time was 7pm. i stop all eating and drinking by 6pm for several reasons primarily to encourage a restful sleep but also to not gain weight faster as our bodies store the food fat to a greater extent in the evening. this is well known in my circles but is still worth repeating.


sprout culling

a few days ago, a sister was passing by the kitchen while i was sprout culling. i mentioned to her how strange this may look here in the U.S.. its quite normal for me though when someone sees me doing it eyebrows raise. after the lentil sprouts have grown a root one inch long they are ready to eat. here is the process. empty the fibre sprout bag onto a wide plate. push the sprouts to one side to form a mound. use two index fingers in rapid to and fro motion to shift the eat and don’t eat sprouts, the eat mound builds fast and so that is emptied into an awaiting bowl then pull the large mound of sprouts closer for the index fingers to shift. the don’t eat sprout mound is typically small and can be left on the side. care needs to be given to select quality lentils for sprouting. selection at the store is an ongoing learning practice. at this point my next goal is to purchase only organic seeds. some batches have yielded nearly 99% this past week the yield was in the order of 94%.

i practice eating the sprouts immediately after coffee. three heaping tablespoons of the vegan turmeric sauce or “brain sauce” as i like to call it is slopped over the sprouts. yesterday, i poured a red enchilada flavor chili into the sprout and brain sauce bowl.

an aloe vera body spray after a shower

the past years in my Cave Creek Arizona home, i practiced growing nearly a hundred aloe vera plants and harvested in mornings the gel to help me heal sun burnt skin areas and for ingestion. Walmart sells an aloe vera drinking liquid which i use as a 2/3 and 1/3 mix of aloe vera and “Cran-Pomogranite” drink. for my skin i filled a spay bottle which sits next to the shower. after drying from a shower, i spray from face to toes with the liquid aloe vera liquid and let it dry before applying the Aveeno cream found in Costco. ideally a fan would reduce the drying time of two minutes.




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