day 6, coffee with yam

day 6, weight: 166 lbs

my schizophrenic weight machine spaced-out this morning reporting 172 lbs. no way i thought. so for today i weighed myself before bedtime at 166 lbs, a number i’ll run with for today.  yesterday i thought of getting a realistic sense of what 150 lbs is truly like to move about. last time i tried even 100 lbs was quite heavy to lift. immediately i thought of my muscles that handle the daily drudge of carting this weight. as an inducement it might be encouraging to design a way to slowly remove weights from a weight dummy to get a better feel.

coffee with yam

after having worked with my friend Ryan Braley spending an entire semester hammering genetic algorithms at pubs till 3am at times for his Computer Science bachelors honors thesis at Arizona State University, i’ve figured my personality has a high mistake rate. meaning my mistakes naturally lead me to new discoveries. there is a balance in the probability of an entity allows in mistakes and keeping existing behaviors. the later is critical for survival such as in basic cases such as yes remove hand from fire.

this morning my beautifully prepared French Press coffee with 32 mg DHA and raw and unfiltered honey was almost full cup whereupon the yam atop the kitchen table seemed like a neat addition remembering that BDNF is increased from DOI (Dioscorea opposita Thunb.) in Chinese Yam. so like any neat mistake, i dumped the boiled yam into my coffee. delicious. think to add it to my daily diet.

Nature magazine has this published research paper connecting the two.

a nibble of sugar in the spirit of Valentines

well my sister Rosie handed offered a sweet bread in the spirit of Valentines and i originally refused with but i’m on a diet where all my foods are blogged. i ate one-fourth of a sweet bread with the intention to look up the effect of sugar on memory and posting it. see “Proven Scientific Link Between Processed Food And Depression“. in addition to feeding pathogens in your gut, increasing inflammation, contributing to insulin and leptin resistance, sugar suppresses BDNF ugh.

a Qunol CoQ10 bedtime swig

a while back when first experimenting with Qunol CoQ10, i remember sensing a higher energy level even as i ate junk foods. i’ve restarted that practice this evening and will post subsequent changes.



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