day 5, CoQ10 and use of coconut oil

day 5, weight: 168

wow, i’m accustomed to remaining chunky. nice to lose two pounds of weight. i’m anticipating an acceleration of weight loss after finishing the remaining health foods in moms refrigerator. in a way it was good the residue frig foods is allowing me to transition slowly into a controlled fast.


popping into Costco today, the Qunol Liquid CoQ10 was on sale at $7 off the regular price of $29. i usually buy a 3 or more bottles when it goes on sale. even if it is for the heart, it’s a wonderful addition for the energy boost. my practice with it is to pull the bottle from the frig door and take a swig. yes it’s not scientific  or carefully measured but suffices to prevent washing yet another utensil.

Coconut Oil

while at Costco, i thought to add the Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil to this diet experiment. today i used coconut oil instead of olive oil to cook my vegan veggie patty with mince garlic at the side. no matter the oil type, it’s important to keep the heat low to prevent the oil from burning and creating saturated fats. also i’m starting coconut oil pulling this evening after brushing my teeth to help my gums maintain a healthy level.

faster thoughts

regarding the zen-like mind state, although i found myself reading a NY Times article fairly fast. the comprehension is similar to how an energy wave traverses a medium of varied density. streaming thoughts speed through some material then slow down then speed again. it’s the same effect now with writing.

taking a high abstract view, i often resort to having heard nearly two decades ago on NPR radio the author of “Living Posthumously” by Andrew Bard Schmookler. it was funny, i stayed on the grocery parking lot over 40 minutes simply to hear him out. the general theme was, how would you live a day if you died and was granted a day to return to live? i for one would engage on things that add life and it helps to have faster thoughts to prevent dwelling on irrelevant activities. a look at the Amazon book description describes a different subject but i stand on the radio interview.


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