day 4, zen and the art of coffee fruit berries

day 4, weight: oops!

it happens with the best intentions. oopsies! no capture of my weight today.

a zen-like mind state

a lightness of being is starting, zen-like i suppose is how most folks would describe it. despite adding two “junk” food 1) a sandwich of tofu, mushroom, and green chili dish with a manzanita chili and 2) a sandwich with “Dave’s Killer bread” from Costco under an avocado, sautéed garlic and Don Lee Farms organic Veggie Patty, a sliced tomato, jalapenio sauce, and iceberg lettuce leafs – the brain sauce was fully consumed in the morning sprouts.

on my last pure sprout diet experiment 16 years ago, the zen-like state of mind started earlier on the third day and had my mind in slow mode. i did everything slow and walked the way one does during a fast. eating only sprouts is a controlled fast after all. upon starting this sprout and turmeric sauce diet my mind is filled with ideas ready for action and there is nothing slow in my walk. on the contrary, my walk was energized today. or maybe that came from a combined effect of the French Pressed coffee and…

coffee berry fruit

today’s tidbit is a makeshift energy drink. fill in a half cup of the Silk 32 mg DHA Soy Milk add a packet of KonaRed “Wake Up”, and mix with caution as the Wake Up sizzles a foam. fill the rest of the cup with the soy milk. add a flat teaspoon of KonaRed’s “Hawaiian Coffeeberry Superfruit Powder”. mix well as both powders clump. i originally purchased the coffee berry on Amazon but was delivered Wake Up instead and reported that to Amazon upon which after the second reminder, Amazon offered a refund and i was also automatically shipped the coffee berry powder. so i have both to experiment with.

why coffee berry fruit? i just saw a report on how the husk or other plant material around our cherished coffee been has historically been discarded as industrial waste. it was discovered the plant material increases BDNF by 149%. i certainly feel a brain boost but it will take time to isolate the effect of the two suppliments.

zen and the Law of Attraction

a friend at the mantra chanting this past Tuesday suggested watching “The Secret” on Netflix. the timing was perfect to get a primer on the Law of Attraction. so imagine you magically wake up in a zen-like state of mind so what do you do with it? i suppose that state of mind can be thought of as a tool. imagine someone hands you a hammer what do you do with it? that tool can be used to construct a box or destroy a wall. i’m opting to use the Law of Attraction to guide my zen-like thoughts.


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