day 3, a bee pollen reaction

day 3, weight: 170 lbs

as expected due to the addition of foods consumed before over-aging, although healthy, keeping my weight the same as yesterday. it’s all good. blogging the journey helps me to stay on the wagon. avocados are in season and i indulged in a whole avocado with one tablespoon of the brain sauce plus two cups of the papaya smoothie.

a bee pollen reaction

today’s tidbit entry is short due to a nausea caused i believe by a bee pollen reaction. this what-are-the-side-effects-of-bee-pollen link was sufficiently informative. i’m not writing off bee pollen yet as i will seek another vendor.

sleep aids

to sleep well, a half hour before bedtime i take 5mg of melatonin, a Theanine Serene pill, and an 80mg aspirin. since the house heater triggers on at least every 15 minutes, a pair of ear plugs help to keep a sane sleep pattern and i awaken more refreshed. at the top of my wellness pyramid is sleep and below that is diet and exercise side-by-side. having worked in companies that research and handle EEG signaling, a few years ago i’ve found myself overviewing morning Zeo Personal Sleep Manager ZQ graphs and deciding upon my ZQ level whether to work hard or blow-off a day catching up on movies. no alarm to awaken me just a plain sunrise.

i will have lots more to say on later posts about how sprouts affect sleep. my hunch, as a sleep enthusiast and from having done a dedicated 30 day sprout diet sixteen years ago, is that less sleep is required on a pure sprout diet. it happened enough times for me to believe. to keep to the science, i’ll make it a point to include ZQ graphs later. as an electrical engineer i’ve actually designed and created a few circuit designs. more about ZQ on later posts.


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