day 2, a smoothie and meditation

day 2, weight: 170 lbs

a weight correction

another oops! in addition to the weight machine looking like a trashed alley cat, i had measured my weight with clothes on. this day on i’ll post only nude weight and to keep the weight measures to an accurate science, i’ll post my weight on mornings only after hitting the loo and before ingesting any foods or liquids. there’s no way i lost 10 lbs in one day.

a papaya smoothie

today’s tidbit is a neat smoothie even getting requests from mom. papaya is inexpensive in El Paso due to our proximity to imports from Mexico next door. i’ve taken advantage of that during this visit to make a Soy with 32mg DHA, a half papaya, banana, berries, and cinnamon smoothie. it’s light and kills evening hunger pangs according to mom. cutting the papaya entails cutting it in half, scoping the seeds with a small spoon, placing the papaya cut side down on a cutting board, lopping the top end, trimming the peel, and a binary chop into pieces.

a steamed tofu and veggies with brain sauce

also i’m trying to be practical in the transition to this experiment diet so instead of leaving foods to rot in the refrigerator i’ve opted to make a steam my typical veggies. the dish is simple. i now use moms iron skillet after having read the PFOA cancer report on the manufacture of teflon pans, reported by the New York Times a few weeks ago. the iron skillet is on very low heat. chop tofu. toss in minced garlic. chop green chillies long wise for space efficiency. toss in portobello mushroom over the tofu. toss in three full hands of spinach leafs. slice two tomatoes. cover pan and let steam for 50 minutes. meanwhile start a brown rice pot. both are ready at the same time. let both sit for 15 minutes then indulge. take 1/3 portion and toss into bowl three heaping tablespoons of brain sauce. mix and yum.

a new food order

i’ve taken to skip a traditional oatmeal cereal after coffee to get a brain boost as early in the day as possible. the new order now is coffee, sprouts brain sauce, and the tofu veggies with brain sauce.

meditation and chanting

this evening i attended a Oneness meditation and chanting with a room of nine people that floored me on the sparkly karma. it was a perfect addition to the zen mind state this diet brings.


well, i’m not expecting to be perfect in this 30 day diet experiment. midday found me indulging in two avocados with the brain sauce and scooped with chips made from Quinoa and Chia seeds found at Sams.




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