day 1 reset, coffee, and aloe vera drink

day 1, weight: 180 lbs

oops i’ve reset the 1st-day experiment for today! yesterday was Super Bowl and i took liberties to indulge in lots of floating foods. it happens even with the best intentions.

a weight machine

found an almost broken weight machine at mom’s home. my weight is 180 pounds. i’ll be posting my weight at the top right of each daily blog entry just to keep consistency. my expectation is to lose more than one pound a day as the turmeric and sprouts diet is combined with sporadic rebounder exercises. twenty years ago solely on an exclusive sprout diet, i lost more than one pound per day to a convenient 145 pounds.

French Press coffee

today’s tidbit is about my morning French Press coffee ritual. both the burr grinder and glass French Press are from Target. fill the French Press with water, pour the water into pot to boil, take the freezer coffee beans and pour into the burr grinder, grind at a course level (adjusted on the side of the burr grinder), and then pour the milled coffee into the French Press, pour the boiling water into the French Press gently, wait a minute and gently press the wire mesh filter into the French Press to remove air bubbles in the floating coffee grinds, repeat again if desired, and leave to sit at least 15 minutes. i prefer to seep the coffee grinds overnight as the flavor picks up a sweet taste and appears to have a stronger in caffeine boost.

as a vegan i recently discovered this delightful cream. pour 1/1oth raw unfiltered honey into a container you will store in the refrigerator (i use Nature’s Nat found at Costco). pour the remainder with Silk soy milk having 32mg DHA per serving. shake vigorously and pour into your coffee as a creamer. i prefer this form of cream to fill 1/4th of my coffee. utterly delicious.

aloe vera and Cran-Pomegranate drink

invention by shear force. while visiting mom’s home, i was exploring an alternative to drinking tap water and i certainly did not want to be purchasing expensive small water bottles. instead, i found a neat combo of 2/3rds aloe vera drink with 1/3rd Cran-Pomegranate (both purchased at Walmart). the benefits of aloe vera, cranberries, and pomegranate are well documented. this delightful drink allows me to control the sweetness or amount of sugar consumed. it takes my body at least three hours to pass the juice so to keep from waking at night, i stop this drink by sunset.


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