a 30 day sprout and turmeric experiment

this morning started in mom’s kitchen talking to sister about “Quiet” by Susan Rice describing how introverts and extroverts differ. we were differentiating how someone can be so open to new ideas and another set in the same ideas. these days so many ideas swirl about my little mind some spillage was bound to occur.

today marks the first day of living off of home grown (actually a kitchen) lentil sprouts. i’ve experimented eating in the mornings before work a bowl of sprouted lentils for 30 days nearly two decades ago. i remember sensing the life-force of all living creatures about me and losing one pound a day without any exercise effort other than going about daily work and home rituals. a 24/7 zen-like zen mind state on the third day onward and i felt the beauty of being alive at every moment.

i never did repeat that experiment and am now restarting it in a neat brainy way. my Vegan Turmeric Sauce Kickstarter project got funded a few months ago. much credit to my friend Caryn for insisting the sauce be vegan. i was a seven-year long vegan two decades ago and have now returned. so began a new journey where i’ve been consuming a “critical mass” of three heaping tablespoons each day. in that quantity and above my mind is filled with a swirl of ideas. best in the morning also as i can be awake longer for ideas to be useful.

so now i’ve combined a fresh batch of lentil sprouts with the brain sauce. the past two months, i sautéd tofu, green chilis, garlic, mushrooms, and spinach as the base food for the sauce. while this is an awesome plate i knew eating sprouts was an optimum path.

for this 30 day experiment, i’ll be posting new additions to my breakfast, the Coffee Fruit Berries, French Press coffee with a coffee cream of raw and unfiltered honey plus bee pollen in soy milk, a sublingual vitamin B12 5000 mcg of methlycobalamin, probiotics, and 80mg of Aspirin. drinking a combo of Aleo Vera and Cran-Pomegranate. throughout the day bouncing on a rebounder with hand weights and mantras off the Boomsound front Dual-speakers of a Nexus 9, plus an exercise bouncing ball as a chair. the life-force of nature trail walks. power naps taken with head tilted and yawning face-up on edge of bed. for sleep pills of Theanine Serene and melatonin. oh and lastly a progress of weight loss… well at least thats the hope, to undo two decades of carting a belly tire.

in a way blog posting this social experiment is a sanity check against any grand notions of the effects of a turmeric and sprouts diet on my mind. beyond published research on turmeric for example in addition to an increase in BDNF for improved memory are faster thoughts – at least that is what i’m sensing. the book that introduced me to turmeric is 101 Theory Drive.


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